These articles show how cats were considered, and cared for, and how attitudes changed, during the last 100+ years.


Cat Clubs & Cat Fanciers (1880s - 1900)
British Catteries in the Nineteenth & Early Twentieth Century (pictorial list)
The Cat Fancy in Australia, New Zealand & South Africa
The Early British Cat Fancy (News Cuttings) (1880s - 1900s)

History of Cat Shows

Cat Clubs & Early Cat Shows (Britain)
Cat Clubs & Early Cat Shows (North America)
Vetting In, Travelling to Shows, Cheating and Judging Systems
Show Management & Judging (Frances Simpson)

Prominent Early Cat Fanciers

Cat Fanciers: Lady Claud Alexander
Cat Fanciers: Lady Marcus Beresford
Cat Fanciers: Mr H C Brooke
Cat Fanciers: Mrs Carew Cox
Cat Fanciers: Gertrude Willoughby, Lady Decies
Cat Fanciers: Mrs Louisa Herring
Cat Fanciers: Mrs McLaren Morrison
Cat Fanciers: Mary Russell, Duchess of Bedford
Cat Fanciers: Frances Simpson
Cat Fanciers: Other Early Cat Fanciers (1880s - early 1900s)

Cats & the Cat Fancy in North America

1880s-1900s: Regions & Catteries
1880s-1900s: Helen Winslow
1880s-1900s: California (Overland Monthly)
Fanciers & Clubs in News Articles: 1880s-1896   1897-1901   1901-1904   1905-1909
1906: Mabel Cornish-Bond (Mrs S Hazen Bond) and the US Register
Cats & the Cat Fancy in North America 1910 - 1930s



Early Cat Show in Australia & New Zealand
Early Cat Shows in Britain Up to 1871       1872       1873
Early Cat Shows in Britain 1874 - 1875      1876 - 1877       1878 - 1879      1880 - 1881      1882 - 1883
Early Cat Shows in Britain 1884 - 1885      1886      1887      1888      1889      1890       1891       1892       1893
Early Cat Shows in Britain Crufts Cat Shows 1894 & 1895
Early Cat Shows in Britain 1894      1895      1896     1897       1898      1899
Early Cat Shows in Britain 1900      1901      1902      1903       1904       1905       1906       1907       1908       1909
Early Cat Shows in Britain 1910       1911- this page will be subdivided as more reports are sourced
Early Cat Show in Canada
Early Cat Show in Europe
Early Cat Shows in Boston
Early Cat Shows in California (including a 1915 San Francisco Show Catalogue)
Early Cat Shows in Chicago
Early Cat Shows in Cincinnati
Early Cat Shows in Detroit
Early Cat Shows in New York   1877 - 1895      1896 - 1900      1901 onwards
Early Cat Shows in Milwaukee
Early Cat Shows in Minneapolis & St. Paul (Twin Cities)
Early Cat Shows in Philadelphia
Early Cat Shows in Rochester (Lockehaven Cat Club)
Early Cat Shows in Washington
Early Cat Shows in the USA (other towns & cities)
Show Reports From More Recently Emerging Cat Fancies (worldwide)



An ABC Of Cat Care 1961 & 2003
Brief History of Cats & the Law
Caring For Cats During the World Wars
Cats, Fits and Megrims in the Nineteenth Century
Cat Photography & Cat Artists (1903)
Early Genetics papers on Coat Colours in Cats (Genetics)
History of Cat Rescue - SPCAs, Bands of Mercy, Temporary Shelters (in general)
History - Cats Protection League Cutting 1930 - 1950s
History of Cat Rescue in Britain - Animals' Rescue League
History of Cat Rescue in Britain - London Institution for Lost and Starving Cats
History of Cat Rescue in Britain - Our Dumb Friends League
History of Cat Rescue in Britain - Regional Cats' Homes
History of Cat Rescue in Britain- Society for the Protection of Cats
History of Cat Rescue in Britain - Some Other Organisations
History of Cat Rescue in Britain - Some Benefactors
History of Cat Rescue in the USA
History of Chelmsford Cats Protection 1963-2003
History of Chelmsford Cats Protection - Reports from 1969 - 1974
Scientific Breeding of Cats (Genetics)


1700s - MID-1800s

1700s Naturalists' Texts Referring to Cats
1800s Naturalists' Texts Referring to Cats
1800s Cat Lover's Texts
1844(ish) - The Animal Kingdom Arranged in Conformity With its Organization - Felinae
1850s - The Tortoise-shell Tom-Cat and Auction of a Tortie Tomcat
1880s - Studies of Cat Behaviour
1851 - Henry Mayhew on "The Cats' and Dogs' Meat Carrier"

MID-1800s - EARLY 1900s

1880s-1900s - The Cat's Place in Nature
1880s-1900s - Care, Welfare, Feeding & Breeding
1880s-1900s - Medical Care of Cats
1880s-1900s - Cat Funerals in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
1880s-1900s - Catteries, Breeders & Their Notable Cats in the UK
1880s-1900s - Longhairs: General Observations
1880s-1900s - Black, Blue and White Persians
1880s-1900s - Silver, Chinchilla, Silver Tabby and Smoke Persians
1880s-1900s - Orange,/Red, Cream/Fawn and Tortoiseshell Persians
1880s-1900s - Brown Tabby, Sable Tabby and Any Other Colour Persians
1880s-1900s - Maine Cat (Maine Coon)
1880s-1900s - Russian Longhair, Angora, Siberian and Norwegian
1880s-1900s - Miscellaneous Shorthairs - General Comments
1880s-1900s - Shorthairs (Harrison Weir, with annotations)
1880s-1900s - British Shorthairs (Frances Simpson, with annotations)
1880s-1900s - Shorthairs (Helen Winslow, with annotations)
1880s-1900s - Abyssinian
1880s-1920s - Australian
1880s-1900s - Black Chinese, White Japanese, Black Siamese, Syrian & Thibet Cat
1880s-1900s - Maltese or American Blue
1880s-1900s - Manx
1880s-1900s - Mexican Hairless and Mombassa Cat
1880s-1900s - Russian Blue
1880s-1900s - Siamese and Blue Siamese
1880s-1900s - Swiss Mountain Cat and Chocolate Siamese
1896 - Races and Varieties of Domestic Cats (translated from German)
1899 - Friends and Helpers - Humane Education
1898 - Show Cats (GB Burgin)
1880s-1930s - Cats and Diptheria

1900s - 1930s

1900s - Early Scientific Papers About Cat Genetics.
1900s-1930s - Cat Culture in Europe
1900 - Some Splendid Cats (Harmsworth London Magazine)
1900 - Outfitting Her Majesty the Cat Not An Easy Task Now
1903 - Miss Willard's Cat (Toots Willard)
1907 - Cat Show Judge Sued by Exhibitor (Wilson vs. Mason, King's Bench Division)
1908 Cat Show Season in Retrospect (The Ladies Field)
1908 - Domesticated Cats (British Museum)
1908 - The Aristocratic Persian (Country Life in America)
1909 - Pussies, Plebian and Royal (Grace Aspinwall)
1912 - Fashions For Mr. And Mrs. Mew. Colour In Cats (The Sketch)
1913 - The Cat Fancy (Ida D Bennett)
1925 - Care of Persian Show Cats(Miss Lilla Brown, New York Breeder)
1900s-1930s - Feeding, Health & General Care (Page 1)
1900s-1930s - Feeding, Health & General Care (Page 2)
1900s-1930s - Behaviour and Intelligence
1900s-1930s - Breeds & Varieties
1900s-1930s - Breeding & Showing
1928 - Red Self Shorthair Cat
1932 - The Cat and Its Nine Lives
1934 - Cats and Their Care
1935 - Some French Catteries

1940s - 1960s

1940s linechasing
1940s - General Care and Breeding.
1940s-1960s - Feeding.
1940s-1960s - Neutering and Population Control.
1950s-1960s - Breeds & breeding.
1940s-1960s - Longhaired Breeds.
1940s-1960s - Shorthaired Breeds.
1940s-1960s- Health & medical care.
1940s-1960s- Kitten care.
1950s - General Care.
1950s-1960s - General Welfare and Adoption.
1950s-1960s- Cat Behavioural Information.
1950s Feeding (transcribed from 1950s handwritten notes).

1960s - 1970s

1950s - 1970s Misc. Cat Shows In North America
1960s-1970s - Breeds & Breeding & Feeding.
1960s-1970s - Kitten care, health & medical care.
1960s-1970s - Behaviour & Welfare.
1973 - Himalayans (& Khmers) on the European Continent (Prose-Imbert)
1977 - Chocolate and Lilac Persians (Horan & Prose)


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