THE CAT CLUB SHOW - The Sportsman, 20th January 1902
This show, which was the fourth annual championship given by the Cat Club, closed on Saturday at George's Hall, Westminster. The principal honours fell to Miss Harper’s Blue-eyed Wanderer, who was of the white class. Mrs Leuty Collins’s Forest Beauty, the champion of the Crystal Palace last Cat Show, headed the long-haired blacks, and took the silver challenge cup, besides four other prizes. Lady Gooch was another winner, and Lady Marcus Beresford, who exhibited no less than twenty-seven specimens, won several prizes - one with her Windsor Dimity. Miss Frances Simpson’s well-known Brown Tabby was put down to a second under Toothill’s Horsforth Hercules, while Miss Winifred Beal's champion, Romaldkirk Admiral, was the king of the cream class.


LADY ABERDEEN IS VERY PLEASED with the admiration won by her silver tabbies at the National Cat Show at Westbourne Hall, London, England, last week. Pharaoh of Haddo won a prize, as did the delicate Silver Tigress, which is the Countess’ special pet. – The Ottawa Journal, March 29, 1902


GREAT CAT SHOW AT READING - Reading Mercury, 22 February 1902
The second great open Cat Show in Reading was held on Wednesday and Thursday, in the Cross-street Hall, under the patronage all the specialist cat clubs, and was a distinct success, the entries numbering 286, as compared with 171 last year, and the quality of the exhibits being as good as could be found at more important exhibitions. The arrangements were admirably carried out by Mr. and Mrs. Billett, Reading, and the following stewards:— Messrs. A. Houghton, F. Butler, W. K. Roberts, T. J. Waldron, J. Ellis, W. Godwin, G. W. Pigg, P. T. Bunce, P. Lunn, and R. J. Irving, and Messrs. G. H. Billett, W. Godwin, Paice, and K. Wallis. Mr. W. B. Biddles of Reading, acted as hon. veterinary surgeon. The pens were supplied by the West Surrey Penning Company; Mr. and Mrs. Billett personally supervised the feeding and the show was disinfected—as far it was possible—by the National Sanitary Company.

The judging was carried out ably by Lady Marcus Beresford (long-haired, smokes and silvers), Mrs. Carew Cox (Siamese only), and Mr. T. B. Mason, who took all the other classes. The largest classes were the blue Persian, the silver Persian kittens running them very close in quality, and making a splendid class. One of the silver Persians was adjudged the best long-haired cat in the show, and the like honour for the best short-haired cat went to a silver tabby.

The first prize “blue" cat was the same animal that took the special prize at the Westminster Show for the best “orange eyes," and the second prize silver was also a prize winner Westminster. Mr. G. Bolton's celebrated Manx cat took first honours, as usual. Miss Beale's famous cats secured several prizes. Only two Siamese cats were penned, the severe weather having no doubt prevented other exhibitors who had entered from sending their pets. The local classes were better filled this year, and Mr. L. Dymond, of Reading, was first and special with a grand short-haired black cat. A blue neuter cat, belonging to a young lady at Erleigh Court, secured the special in the blue class.

Special prizes were given largely by Lady Marcus Beresford and by many other donors. The following is the list of principal winners :
Special Prizes. Challenge Cup, presented by the S.S.P.C.S. Club. £5 5s., for the best male in classes supported by the S.S.P.C.S. Club.—Mrs. Sinkins, Southampton.
Challenge Cup, presented by Lady Marcus Beresford, for best smoke long-haired female, bred by exhibitor.— Mrs. Harold James, Bristol.
Challenge Trophy, presented by the Countess of Aberdeen, for the best silver tabby, male or female, bred by exhibito - . Miss Derby Hyde, St. Peters, North Moreton.
Silver Medal, presented by the Cat Club, London, for the best white long-haired cat. —Mrs. Oliver Westlake, Camden Town.
Silver Medal, for the best short-haired cat in the Show. —Mr. H. Blackett, Sunninghill.
Bronze Medal, for best any colour, long-haired.—Mrs. F. Walker, Leatherhead.
Bronze Medal, for best brown tabby kitten, under 8 months, exhibited by members of the Cat Club only.— Miss M. T. Rowsell, Bedford.
Championship Medal, presented by the National Cat Club, London, for best long-haired cat in the Show. - Mrs. Sinkins, Southampton.
Championship Medal, for the best short-haired cat in the Show. —Miss Derby Hyde.
S.S.P.C.S. Society's Silver Medal, for best silver - Miss L. Ford, Wernham, Marlborough.
Society's Silver Medal, for best shaded silver.—Miss Anderson Leake, Bradfield.
Society's Silver Medal, for best silver tabby.—Miss Derby Hyde.
Society's Silver Medal, for best smoke cat.—Mrs. H. V. James.
Prize given by Miss Simon, for best female in Class 13. —Miss Winifred Beal, Darlington.
Special prize given by Miss Cope, for the best head in silver tabby female in class 6. —The Hon. P. Woodehouae, North Walsham, Norfolk.
Special silver and enamel Badge, presented by the Blue Persian Cat Society, for the best blue male.—Miss M. Humfrey, Stockbridge, Hants.
Special silver and enamel Badge, for the best blue female. —Miss W. Beal.
Special silver and enamel Badge, for the best blue kitten. —Miss Dorothy Hartley, Erleigh Court, Reading.
Prize given by Miss Humfrey, for the blue female cat.—Miss W. Beal.
Prize given Mrs. Gregory (Skellinthorpe), for the soundest coloured blue male cat. —Miss M. Humfrey.
Prize given by Miss F. Simpson, for the best blue male kitten.—Miss D. Hartley, Erleigh Court, Reading.
Prize given by Miss Moxon, for the best head in the blue female kitten class. —Miss Bennett, St Leonards.
Silver Box, presented Lady Marcus Beresford, for the best chinchilla, long-haired, male. —Mrs. Sinkins.
Prize for the best long-haired blue, female. —Miss W. Beal, Darlington.
Prize for the best long-haired white, female. —Mrs. Oliver Westlake, Camden Town.
Prize for the best long-haired orange cat. —Miss W. Beal.
Prize for the best Manx cat.—Mr. Gambier Bolton, Charing Cross-road, W.C.
Prize for the best silver tabby, long-haired, female.— Mr Hoddinott, Bristol.
Special prize, given by Mrs. E. A. Clark, for the palest chinchilla cat, long-haired.— Mrs. Sinkins.
Silver Cup, presented by Mrs. Middleton, for best type cat or kitten, blue, short-haired, bred by owner.—Mrs. F. Walker, Leatherhead.
Prize given by Misses Moxon, for the best smoke kitten —Miss McNeill, Beckenham, Kent.
Prize given by Miss Omerod for the best shaded silver male, long-haired—Mrs. Sinkins.
Prize given by Mrs. Sinkins for the best chinchilla - Miss Frances Simpson.
Prize given by Mrs. Hamilton for the best smoke kitten —Miss McNeill.
Prize for the best silver or chinchilla kitten, long-haired —Miss Anderson Leake.
Prize for the best brown tabby, long-haired—Miss Frances Simpson
Special prize for the best orange female, long-haired - Miss W. Beal.
Special prize for the best cream female, long-haired— Mrs. D'Arcy Hildyard, Barnard Castle.
Special prize for the best tortoiseshell, long-haired— Mrs M. Beal.
Silver medal, given by Mrs. F. Walker, for best neuter eat in the show —Miss M. Wallis, Bucklebury Common, Reading.
Prize given by Mrs. D'Arcy Hildyard, for the best orange or cream, long-haired kitten—Mrs. Francis Neate.
Prize for the best cream, long-haired, male—Mr. F. Norris.
Prize for the best orange male—Mrs. Francis Neate.
Prize for the best cream male—Miss W. Deale.
Prize for the best orange male —Mrs. P. Neate, Marlborough.
Prize given Lady Marcus Beresford, for the best blue long-haired kitten in class 14 —Miss D. Hartley.
Prize for the best blue in class 15 —Miss Bull, Northmolton, Devon.
Prize for the best chinchilla kitten, long-haired, in class 16—Mr. H. Thomas, Kensington, S.W.
Prize for the best in class 17 – Miss McNeill.
Medal for the best Siamese, male or female (the property of a member of the Siamese Club) —Miss D. Hyde.
Silver medal, for the best Manx male, bred by the Exhibitor—Mr. G. Bolton.
Special prize, for the best short-haired black cat —Mr. Leonard Dymond, 66, St. Mary's Butts, Reading.
Prize given by Lady Marcus Beresford, for the best kitten in class 25—Miss E. Goddard, South Lambeth.
Prize for the best kitten in class 26 —Mrs. Collingwood, Leighton Buzzard.
Prize for the best local kitten - D. Hartley.
Special prize for the best local long-haired cat—Mrs. Alfred Allen, 26, Prospect-street, Caversham.
Prize given by Mr. T. Yates, for the best local shorthaired cat —Mr. L. Dymond.
Prize for the best orange and white local kitten—Mr. E. H Turner, Upper Redlands-road, Reading.
Prize given by Mrs. George Webster, for best red tabby, short-haired cat—Mrs. Collingwood.
Club medal of the Short-haired Cat Society, for the best whole or self-coloured cat —Miss Anderson Leake ; for the best tabby cat —Mr. Harold Blackett, Sunninghill ; for the best Manx cat —Mr. G. Boulton ; for the best kitten, Siamese —Mrs. Collingwood.

Class Prize List. The class Prize List was as follows :—
Smoke, male—1, Mrs. Harold V. James, Bristol; 2 Mrs Hamilton, Woodside, S.E.; 4 Mrs. Sinkins.
Smoke, female—2 ,Mrs. Collingwood, 3, Mrs. H. V. James, 4, Mrs. Hamilton.
Chinchilla or shaded silver, male—1, Mrs. Sinkins, 2, Miss Frances Simpson, 3, Miss H. Ereritt, 4, Miss Anderson Leake.
Chinchilla or shaded silver, female—1, Miss L. Ford, 2and 3, Miss E. A. Chamberlayne, Norwood, E.,; 4, Mrs. E. A. Clark, Ashbrittle, Somerset.
Silver tabby, male —1, Miss Derby Hyde, 2, Mrs. M. C. Spofforth. Edgbaston, Birmingham; 3, Miss Anderson Leake, 4, Mrs. Nicholay, Iver, Bucks.
Silver tabby, female —1, Mr. Hoddinott, 2, Miss Power, Watership, Newbury; 4,.Mrs. Godsal, Whitchurch, Salop.
Blue, male —1, Miss Marion Humfrey, 2,Miss A. Bennett, 3, Mrs. E. Nicholay, 4, Mrs. A. R. Hitchcock, Bexhill-on-sea.
Blue, female—1, Miss Winifred Beal, 2, Mr. G. W. Witt, Birmingham ; 3, Mrs. C. L. Kennaway, East Harling ; 4, Mrs. Collingwood.
Orange or cream, male —1, Miss Winifred Beal, 2, Mr. F. Norris, 3, Mrs. Francis Neate, 4, Mrs. F. W. Western.
Orange or cream, female—1, Miss W. Beal, 2, and 4, Mrs D'Arcy Hildyard.
Brown tabby, male – 1, Miss Frances Simpson, 4, Miss Gibbens, Steventon, Berks.
Brown tabby, female—1 and 4,Miss Rosamond Witney, Dublin; 2, Miss Derby Hyde, 3, Mrs. G. Wilson, Sydenham.
Any other colour, male or female—1, Mrs. F. Walker, Leatherhead; 2, Mr. Oliver Westlake, Camden Town, N.W.; 3, Miss M. Beal.
Kittens, Long-haired, 4 to 8 months.
Blue, male—1, Miss D. Hartley, 2, Mrs. G. Fellows, West Cowes, Isle of Wight; 3, Rev. J. Hay Davies, Hereford ; 4 Miss A. Bennett.
Blue, female—1, Miss Bull, 3, Miss A. Bennett, 4, Miss E. M. Hill, Malvern.
Silver tabby, chinchilla or shaded silver—1, and 4 Miss Anderson Leake, 2,Mrs. Pott, Windlesham ; extra 2, Mr. H. Thomas, Kensington, S.W. ; 3, Mrs. G. Boutcher, South Hounslow ; extra 3, Miss Derby Hyde, extra 4, Mrs. Poole, Annerley-hill, S.E.
Any other colour, male or female —1, Miss McNeill, 2, Miss M. Stevens, 3, Mrs. W. Walwyn, Monmouth ; 4, Mrs. Francis Neate.
Blue - 2, 3, and 4, Mrs. Carew Cox, New Milton. Hants.
Whole or self colour, except blue —1, Mr. F. W. Western, Sandy, Beds; 2, Mrs. G. Wilson; 3, Mrs. Clarence Bonny, Ditchling Hassocks, Sussex ; 4 Mr. J. W. Flitt, Watford, Herts.
Silver tabby, male—1, Mrs. Harry Turner, Birkdale, Southport; 2 Mrs. Collingwood, 4, Mrs. G. Pitkin, Bushey Newtown, Herts.
Silver tabby, female—1 and 4, Mr. Harold Blackett, 2, Mrs. Clarence Bonny.
Siamese—1 and 2, Miss Derby Hyde.
Manx—1, Mr. Gambier Bolton, 4, Mr. Lewis Easton, Winkfield, Windsor.
Any other colour – 1, Mrs. Collingwood, 2 Miss Derby Hyde, 3 and 4 Mrs. F. Walker.
Kittens, Short-haired; 4 to 8 Months.
Whole or self colour—2 Miss Emily Goddard, 4, Mrs. F. Walker.
Tabby or any other colour—1, Mrs. Collingwood, 3, Miss E. M. Cope, Birmingham; 4, Miss Margaret T. Rowsell, Bedford.
Neuter cat, long-haired—1, Miss M.Wallis, 2, Mrs.Boyce, South Kensington; 3, Mrs. Annie Tyser, Oakfield, Mortimer ; 4, Mr. F. Marks, Cowes, Isle of Wight.
Neuter cat, short-haired—1, Mr. Arthur Foalstone, Ruabon ; 2, Mrs. F. Walker, 3, Mr. T. Naylor, Cross-street.
Nove, long-haired, not won a first prize—1, Miss M. Humfrey, 2, Miss M. Wallis, 3, Miss E. A. Chamberlayne, 4, Mrs. G. Bontcher.
Novice, short-haired, ditto—1, Mrs. F. Walker, 2, Mrs Collingwood, 3, Mr. J. W. Flitt, 4, Mr. H. Blackett.
Selling class, kittens—1, Miss A. M. Paice, 195, Oxford road, Reading ; 2, Miss E. M. Cope, Birmingham.

Local Classes Open to exhibitors residing within 10 miles of the Market Place, Reading.
Long-haired cat, any variety—1, Mrs. Alfred Allen, Prospect-street, Caversham ; 2, Mr, A. W. Nicholls, County Police-station, Reading ; 3, Mr. W. C. Hobbs, Prospect street, Caversham ; extra 3, Miss D. Fidler, The Warren, Caversham ; vhc's Mrs. S. Turner, London-road, Reading ; Mr. Benj Vivian, Assize Courts, Reading; Mr. Tomkins, Catherine-street, Reading; Mr. F. B. Eykyn, Hinton Lodge, Twyford; Mr. C. Smith, Hill-street, Reading; Miss Alice Laidlay, The Acacias, Reading; Mrs. T. G. Lloyd, Chesterman-street, Reading; Mrs. Knapp, "Britannia Tap," Caversham ; Mr. A. Galloway, Farleigh, Caversham; Miss Maud Thatcher, Lower Basildon and Miss Daisy Fidler, The Warren, Caversham.
Short-haired cat, any variety—1, Mr. L. Dymond, St. Mary's Butts, Reading ; 2, Mrs. Albert Wheatley, Friar-street, Reading; 3, Miss Kemp, Pell-street, Reading; extra 3, Mrs. Skurray, Littlecroft, Goring; 4, Mr. A. Wells, South View-avenue, Lower Caversham ; vhc's Mr. Wm. Simmonds, County Police-station, Reading; Mrs. T. Naylor, Cross-street, Reading; hc's Miss Paice, and Mr. G. Young, Norton-road, Reading.
Kittens, single or in pairs—1, Miss D. Hartley, 2, Miss A. M. Paice, 3, Mrs. G. W. Bradshaw, London-street, Reading; 4, Mrs. Herbert Child, Oxford-road, Reading; vhc's Mrs. Eynott, Caversham ; and Mr. E. H. Turner, Bushey-villa, Upper Redlands-road, Reading.

READING CAT SHOW - Berkshire Chronicle,22 February 1902
The second open cat show hold in Reading took place at the Cross Street Hall Wednesday and Thursday, under the patronage the Cat Club, London, the National Cat Club, London, the Blue Persian Cat Society, the Short-haired Cat Club, and other specialist clubs, and under the presidency of Lady Marcus Beresford. The entries this year are 286 in number, or loss than 130 more than last year, which shows how the show has increased in popularity, and is likely to increase its popularity in the future under the able and energetic management. Blue Persian and Silver Persian were the best classes, and there were several Westminster, Crystal Palace, and Brighton winners, notably Miss Remfrey’s blue and Miss Frances Simpson’s brown tabby, Persimmon and Chinchilla Cambyses; Mr. Gambler Bolton’s Manx, Miss Whitney’s Tina and Miss Beale’s celebrated creams. Mrs. Sinkins’s silver took the prize for the best the show. The local classes were very well supported. There was a very fine blue neuter, belonging Miss M. Wallis, of Bucklebury Common, which took first prize. The quality of the show was much better than the previous year, and was exceptionally good for a local show. The Secretary (Mr. G. H. Billett, Reading) was indefatigable in his efforts to make the show a success, and at the same time the pets were comfortably looked after. The judges were: Lady Marcus Beresford, Mrs. Carew Cox, and Mr. T. B. Mason; Messrs. A. Houghton, F. Butler, W. R. Roberts, T. Waldron. J. Ellis, W. Godwin, G. W. Pigg, P. T. Bunce, P. Luna, R. J. Irving, Mrs. Billett, Mrs, Godwin, Miss Paice, and Miss K. Wallis kindly noted stewards. Prize List:-

Long-haired Smoke Male. —1st and S.S.P.C. Society’s Silver Medal, for best smoke, open to members of the S.S.P.C.S. only.—Mrs. Harold V. James, Backwell, Bristol—Champion Backwell; 2nd, Mrs. Hamilton, Woodside. S.E. —Bulger; 4th, Mrs. Sinkins, Aldermore House, Southampton.
Smoke Female. - 2nd. Mrs. Collingwood, Bassington, Leighton Buzzard — Minouche; 3rd and Challenge Cup (presentod by Lady Marcus Beresford), for the best smoke long-haired female, bred by exhibitor, open to members of the S.S.P.C.S., Mrs. Harold V. James—Rockwell Jael; 4th, Mrs. Hamilton—Pepita.
Chinchilla or Shaded-silver Male.—1st and Challenge Cup, £5 5s. for the best male in classes supported by theS.S.P.C.S.; championship medal for best long-haired cat in the show; special for best male chinchilla; special for palest chinchilla; special for best shaded silver male.—Mrs. Sinkins.
Chinchilla or Shaded Silver Female.—1st and Silver Medal (given by the S.S.P.C.S. for best silver male or female,) Miss L. Ford, Wernham, Marlborough : 2nd and 3rd, Miss E. A. Chamberlayne, Norwood—Cap and Bells and Garboldisham Dapoose; 4th. Mrs, E. A. Clark, Ashbrittle—Ashbrittle San Toy.
Silver Tabby Male.—1st and challenge trophy (presented by the Countess of Aberdeen) , for best silver tabby (open to members of the S.S.P.C.S.), and the Society's Silver Medal for best silver tabby, Miss Derby Hyde, St. Peter’s, North Thames Valley Silver King; 2nd, Mrs. M. G. Spofforth. Edgbaston—Silver Meteor; 3rd, Miss Anderson Leake, Hill, Bradfield—The Marquis of Dingley; 4th, Mrs. Nicholay, Ivor, Bucks.
Silver Tabby (Female).—1st and special for best long haired female silver tabby, Mr. Hoddinott, Bristol; 2nd, Miss Power, Watership, Newbury; 4th, Mrs. Godsal, Whitchurch, Salop—Triticumina; v.h.c. and special for best head in silver tabby female in Class 6, Hon. P. Woodehouse, Witton Park, Norfolk —Silver Twilight.
Blue Male. -1st and special silver and enamel badge and special for soundest coloured blue male cat, Miss Marion Humfrey, Longstock, Hants—Don Carlos; 2nd, Miss A. Bennett, St. Leonard’s—Peter of Yeovil; 3rd, Mrs. E. Nicholay—Jennett; 4th, Mrs- A. R. Hitchcock, Bexhill-on-Sea.
Blue Female.—1st and special silver and enamel badge and special (offered for best blue female with best orange eyes), and special for best long-haired, Miss Winifred Beal, Darlington—Ronaldkirk Vic.; 2nd. Mr. G. W. Witt, Lozells, Birmingham—Becky of Lozells; 3rd and reserve, Mrs. C. L. Kennaway, Garboldisham Rectory — Garbodishara Scilla; 4th, Mrs Collingwood —Jill.
Orange or Cream Male. —1st, Miss Winifred Bea l- Champion Ronaldkirk Midshipmite; 2nd and special, Mr. F. Norris, Gardens—Kew Ronald; 3rd and 4th. Mrs. F. W. Western, Sandy—Matthew of the Durhams..
Orange or Cream Female —1st and special for best long-haired orange female, Miss Winifred Bea! Ronaldkirk Garnet; 2nd, 4th and special, Mrs D’Archy Hildyard, Starthforth, Barnard Castle—Miriam and Mehitabel of the Durhams.
Brown Tabby Male.—1st. Miss Frances Simpson, St- Margareti’s-on-Thames - Persimmon; 4th, Miss Gibbons, Steventon, Berks—Baby Jack.
Brown Tabby Female.—1st (Birkdale Fina) and 4th Miss Rosamond Whitney, Dublin; 2nd, Miss Derby, Hyde—Maraoqetta; 3rd Mrs. George Wilson, Sydenham — Yue of Arrandale.
Any other colour, male or female. —1st and bronze medal of Cat Club for best long-haired cat, and silver medal (presented by Cat Club for best white longhaired cat) and special for long-haired white female cat, Mrs. F. Walker.
Kitten, Long-haired.—1st and special silver and enamel badge for best blue kitten, and a plate for best local kitten. Miss Dorothy Hartley, Erleigh Court, Reading—Blue Boy; 2nd. Mrs. G. Fellows, West Cowes—Victor Don; 3rd, Rev. Davies, Hereford; 4th, Miss A. Bennett. .
Blue Female.—1st and a plate for best blue in Class 15, Miss Bull, North Molten; 3rd and special for best head in blue female kitten class, Miss A. Bennett – Puggi; 4th, Miss E. M. Hill. Malvern.
Silver Tabby Chinchilla or Shaded Silver.—1st and Society's silver medal for best shaded silver male or female, and special for best Chinchilla kitten, Miss Anderson Leake—Corinne of Dingley; 2nd and extra 3rd, Mrs. Pott, Windlesham; 3rd. Mrs. G. Boutcher, Hounslow; 4th. Miss Anderson Leake; extra 4th, Mrs. Poole, Anerley Hill, S.E.—Duke of Cornwall.
Any other colour, male or female.—1st and special, for best smoke kitten (bred by exhibitor), and special for best smoke kitten with orange eyes, Miss McNeill, Beckenham; 2nd. Miss M. Stevens, Steventon, Berks -Lionel; 3rd. Mrs. W. Walwyn, Croft-y-Bula—Cinders; 4th. Mrs. Frances Neate,
Short-haired Blue. —2nd, 3rd and 4th. Mrs. Cox, New Milton, Hants—Bayard, Odessa and Fashoda.
Whole self-colour, except blue.—1st, Mr. F. W. Western, Sandy—Prickly Pear; 2nd, Mrs. George Wilson—Pear of Arrandale; 3rd and club medal for beet whole or self-coloured cat, Mrs. Clarence Bonny, Ditchling Hassocks—Heather Black Diamond; 4th, Mr. J. W. Flitt, Watford—Bunney.
Silver tabby, male.-1st, Mrs. Harry Turner - Birkdale; 2nd, Mrs. Collingwood—James II; 4th, Mrs. G. Pitkin, Bushey New Town-—Porky.
Silver tabby, female.—1st and silver medal (presented by the Cat Club), for the best short-haired cat, and club medal for the best tabby cat, Mr. Harold Blackett, Sunninghill —Silver Duchess; 2nd, Mrs. Clarence Bonny—Champion Heather; 4th, Mr. Harold Blackett.
Siamese.—2nd and 3rd and championship medal for the best short-haired cat in show, registered on books of N.C.C., and medal for best male or female, the property of a member of the Siamese Club, Miss Derby Hyde—Thames Valley Missis and Thames Valley Chula Long Korn.
Manx.—1st and silver medal for the best Manx male, bred by exhibitor, and club medal for best Manx cat or kitten, Mrs. Gambier Bolton, Charing Cross—Champion D Tail; 4th, Mrs. Lewis Easton, Winkfield.
Anv other colour —1st and special for best red tabby short-haired cat, Mrs. Colllingwood — Woodkirk Surprise; 2nd, Miss Derby Hyde—Shady; 3rd and 4th, Mrs. F. Walker. Leatherhead.
Kittens, short-haired, whole or self-coloured - 2nd, Miss Emily Goddard; 4th and silver cup for best type of cat or kittens, blue, short-haired, with orange eyes, bred by owner, Mrs. F. Walker.
Tabby any other colour.—1st and plate and club medal (given by the Short-haired Cat Society), for the best kitten other than Manx or Siamese, Mrs. Collingwood —Marie; 3rd, Miss E. M. Cope, Birmingham; 4th and bronze medal for best brown kitten, given to members the Cat Club only, Miss Margaret T. Rowsett. Bedford.
Neuter cat, long-haired.—1st and silver medal for best neuter cat the show, Miss Wallis. Bucklebury Common—Cobweb; 2nd, Mrs. Boyce, South Kensington; 3rd. Mrs. Annie Tyser, Mortimer; Mr. F. Marks, Cowes.
Neuter cat, short-haired.—1st, Mr. Arthur Foalstone—Ruabon Khaki; 2nd, Mrs. F. Walker; 3rd, Mr. T. Naylor. Cross Street, Reading.
Novices, long-haired. —1st. Miss M. Humfrey—-Don Carlos; 2nd, Miss Mabel Wallis; 3rd, Miss E. A. Chamberlayne—Cap and Bells; 4th, Mrs. G. Bout.
Novices, short-haired.—1st. Mrs. F. Walker; 2nd, Mrs. Collingwood—Babs: 3rd, Mr. J. W. Flitt Bunney; 4th, Mr. Harold Blackett – Silver Dick; extra 4th. Mrs. Mowbray, Mansfield Road, Reading.
Selling dass.—Kittens (not to exceed 30s.).—1st. Miss A. M. Paice, 195. Oxford Road, Reading—Bit of Fluff; 2nd, Miss E. M. Cope—Slim Jim.

Open to exhibitors residing within ten miles of Market Place, Reading
1st and special (presented for best local long-haired cat,) Mrs. Alfred Allen, 26, Prospect Street, Caversham ; 2nd. Mr. A. W. Nicholls. County Police Station, Reading—Billy; 3rd, Mr. W_. C. Hobbs, 31, Prospect Street, Caversham; extra 3rd, Miss Dorothy Fidler, The Warren. Caversham.
Short-haired cat, any variety.—1st and special for best short-haired black cat with orange eyes, and special for best local short-haired cat, Mr. Leonard Dymond, 66 St. Mary’s Butts, Reading; 2nd. Mrs. Albert Wheatley, Friar Street. Reading—Dick; 3rd. Miss Kemp; extra 3rd, Mrs. Skurray. Goring-on- Thames; 4th. Mr. A. Wells. South View Avenue, Lower Caversham.
Kittens, single or in pairs.—1st, Miss Dorothy Hartley; 2nd, Miss A. M.Paice; 3rd, Miss G. W. Bradshaw, 54. London Street, Reading—Ruffy II.; 4th. Mrs. Child, 101. Oxford Road, Reading;, v.h.c and special for best orange and white, local kitten, Mr. E. A. Turner, Upper Redlands Road, Reading—Orange Princess.


CATS AND PIGEONS. INTERESTING SHOWS. London Daily News , 29th October 1902
Genealogically the question whether the cat or the pigeon has the older lineage may, perhaps, be relegated to the same class of queries as that of the still unsettled problem of the hen or the egg coming first into being. Modern development, illustrated by two great shows held yesterday at the Crystal Palace and at the Aquarium, have brought out the best qualities, physical and instinctive, of both races. Two traits are common characteristics of the cat and pigeon. Each has an intense love of home, and each is prone to promenade on the roofs of houses.

Benched under awning at the south end of the Crystal Palace are specimens of cats. From a representative of the National at Club a reporter from this paper learned at the show, which opened yesterday and will close to-day, that “long-haired blues’’ are just now much in vogue. They are of Persian descent, rough-coated, domesticated, remarkable for beauty of fur and size of figure. A really good cat of this variety might bring anything from 15 to 30 guineas at sale by private contract. Residence in England for many generations with careful attention to breeding, living, and training, have made the Persian cat what he is to-day. Shorthaired cats, indigenous, it may be supposed, to Britain, hold their own against the foreign invaders and improvers. With the real old-fashioned tabby of the hearthrug Lady Decies figures well, as, indeed, she does in several classes of the mixed varieties to boot. Mrs. Herring, of Lee is also well to the fore with choice specimens of various breeds. Mrs. C. H. Brooke, of Welling, has in the pens several fine specimens of fancy cats. Mrs. A. Stennard-Robinson is the hon. sec. of the Club. The prize for best cat in the show was awarded to Mrs. Collingwood’s short-haired James II, remarkable for his wonderfully fine and distinctive marking in silver and black. The principal prize for the rough-haired variety was taken Mr. David Ayton’s “Dolly Gray,” priced in the catalogue at £25.

crystal palace cat show

crystal palace cat show


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