Health, Feeding & General Cat Care, Lifestage Care

Behaviour, training, communication, intelligence and emotions.

Neutering and Medical.

Cat rescue, cat hoarders, Feral Cat Control.

Moggy-breeding, Designer Breeds, Extreme Typing, Breed Origins

Colours, Body Types, Tail Types, Ear Types and Fur Types.

Basic Cat Genetics, Tortie & Calico Tomcats

Cat Breeds & Types (A-Z) - Recognised, Unrecognised, Current & Extinct

A decade-by-decade look at cat care.

Historical Cat Books

Old Newcuttings

Curious Cats and Medical Anomalies

Genetics Studies, Small Cat Hybrids, British Big Cats & Prehistory

General Interest

About Me

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Sick cat or kitten?I DO NOT give veterinary advice. Sick cats and kittens need to see a vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.
What breed is your cat?90% of cats are random-bred. Without pedigree papers, a cat is considered random-bred regardless of looks.


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