COLOUR AND PATTERN CHARTS - downloadable charts for breeders, tutorials etc
CONFORMATION CHARTS - downloadable charts for breeders, tutorials etc
Plain English Guide to Colours and Patterns
Plain English Guide to Conformation

Coat Colours

Amber Norwegian Forest Cats and Russet Burmese - Late Colour Change Genes (Extension Gene)
Barrington Brown (Recessive Brown)
Basic Colours of Self (Solid) Cats
Bicolours - Depigmentation Conditions: Vitiligo, Leukoderma, Leukotrichia
Bicolours - Spotted Legs and Dalmatian/Appaloosa Cats
Bicolours - Tuxedo and Magpie Cats
"Bimetallic" British Shorthairs
Blue-on-Red Tabbies & Pseudo-Cinnamon
Carnelian (Copal, Serdolik) Kurilian Bobtails (Extension Gene)
Chediak Higashi Syndrome Dilution in Persian Cats
Cinnamon Point and Fawn Point British Shorthairs in Russia by Tatyana Barsik
Colourpointed Cats - Siamese, Balinese, Javanese, Singhalese
Colourpointed Cats - Himalayan, Birman, French Khmer, Ragdoll
Colourpointed Cats - Snowshoe, Tonkinese, Neva Masquerade, Opal, Thai, Masked Silver, Cross-Breeds
Copper Phenotype in Tipped British Shorthairs (Ultra-Wide-Band)
Blue dilution & Pink-Eyed Dilution in Cats
False Caramel (Lilac Carrying Cinnamon), Effect of Black/Choc/Cinnamon on Red, Other Effects of Recessive Genes on Dominant Colours
Ghosting Mutation (Satin With Colour Fading, False Smoke)
Hybrid Hues - Colours & Patterns Introduced from Wild Cats
Indefinable Coat Colours
Indefinable Kitten Colours
Karpati, Roan and Tweed (Salt and Pepper) Mutations
La Perm Bleaching Mutation
Mocha Colour in Thai Cats (a new colour restriction gene)
Platinum" Persians - A Late Colour Change Gene
Powder Coat and Neither-Nors
Pseudo-Merle (Red-Silver, Black-Silver Dapple) Cats
Recessive White / Albino Cats
Red Self Shorthair Cat (1928)
Silver and Golden: Smoke, Shaded and Tipped Silver & Golden Cats
Satin, Glitter and Grizzle in Cats
Sepia American Shorthairs (and the Further Spread of Sepia)
Striped, Spotted and Ticked Cats
Sunshine and Sunshine-Silver ("Bimetal") Siberians
Wide Band Gene - Investigation into Golden Colours in Several Breeds
Tortoiseshell and Tricolour Cats
White Cats, Eye Colours & Deafness


Eye Colours in Cats
Blue Eye Inheritance in Bicolour Cats - possible recessive modifier gene?
Blue-Eyed Breeds
Late Eye Colour Change to Blue


Ears: Curled, Curved and Folded Ears

Dwarf and Mini-Cats

Dwarf, Midget and Miniature Cats (General Information)
Dwarf, Midget and Miniature Randombred Cats
Dwarf, Midget and Miniature Purebred Cats
Short-legged Cats


Polydactyly (Hemingway Cats)
Polydactyl Records, Natural Selection
Syndactyly/Oligodactyly & Uneven Toes etc
Polydactyly - General Information (Occurrence Humans and Other Animals)


Bobtailed Cats
Curly Tailed Cats
Curly Tailed Cat Gallery
Tailless (Manx) Cats


Longhaired Cats - General Information
Longhairs- Angora, Persian and Historical Russian Longhairs
Longhairs - German Longhair and German Angora
Longhairs - IRCA Ragdolls, Ragamuffins, Honeybears etc
Longhairs - Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, Siberian and Modern Russian Longhairs

Hairless Cats

Hairless Cats
Dwarf and Mini Hairless Cats
HairlessCat Gene Mismatch - Canadian Sphynx x Donskoy (photos)
Fictional Hairless Cats
Mexican Hairless, or Aztec Cat

Rex and Sparse-Coated Cats

Sparse-Coated & Partially Coated Cats
Rex and & Curly-Coated Cats
Wirehair & Broken-Coated Cats


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