Copyright 2016, Sarah Hartwell

In 2015, Jenny Ägirsdotter, an exprienced LaPerm breeder in Sweden, started getting some cats that were born with normal full coloring but became totally "bleached" on body as they grew, leaving only the face and legs still normally coloured. One of the most recent kittens started to lose her colour at about 10 weeks of age, while others were later to fade. None of the parent cats have silver, and in any case this is not how silver expresses itself. It is also not karpati as it is expressed and develops differently. It has been confirmed that none of Jenny's cats are related to the karpati strains of LaPerm. Dr Leslie Lyons has requested swabs to test for a new TYR (tyrosinase) variant in these cats.

The photos show how a black kitten with white markings developed into a smoky grey cat with black legs and face by 1 year old. The black/brown tabby kitten faded in a similar way to give a faded colour with normally coloured head and legs. Their pedigrees are known so linechasing should find a common ancestor that had the mutation.