Electronic versions of early cat books and supplemental information about authors. These are the full texts of several of the books used in researching the "Retrospective" series of articles.

Anon. Cats as Society Pets (1904)
Barton, Frank Townend - The Cat, Its Points: and Management in Health and Disease (1908)
Brooke, H.C. - The Abyssinian Cat (1930)
Broderip, W.J. - Zoological Recreations: Cats (1849)
Buckworth-Herne-Soame, Evelyn - Cats, Long-haired and Short (1933)
Bungartz, Jean - Katzenrassen / Cat Breeds (1897)
Bungartz, Jean - Illustriertes Katzenbuch (in German, 1896)
Bungartz, Jean - The Illustrated Book of the Cat (1896) (English)
Bungartz, Jean - The Illustrated Book of Cats, 1896 (PDF)
Cat, Domestic - Encyclopaedia Americana, 1920
Cat - Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition
Celty, Ellen & Ray, Anna - Feeding and Care of the Domestic and Long-Hair Cat (1922)
Champion, Dorothy Bevill - Everybody's Cat Book (1909)
Champfleury - The Cat Past and Present (Trans. Cashel Hoey, 1885)
Champion, Dorothy Bevill - What is a Maine Cat (1907)
Chance, Mrs W - A Book of Cats (1898)
Clark, Marvin R - Pussy and her Language (1895)
Cornish-Bond, Mabel - Cat Raising as a Business (1901)
Cust, Mary Anne (Lady) - The Cat - History and Diseases (1856)
Dechambre, E - Cat Breeds (Translated excerpts from Encyclopedia Feline (1957))
Denham, Helen & Sidney - Child of the Gods (1951)
de Voogt, Gos - The Cat, from 'Our Domestic Animals, Their Habits, Intelligence and Usefulness' (1907)
Elkington, W M - The Cult of the Cat (1900)
Forbush, E.H. - The Domestic Cat, Bird Killer, Mouser And Destroyer Of Wild Life, Means Of Utilizing And Controlling It (1916)
Hale, E.M. - The Cat and its Diseases (1885)
Hart, Elsie - Fit for Queen (about transporting cats by rail) (1949)
Hudson, W.H. - Do Cats Think? (1921)
Huidekoper, Rush Shippen - The Cat (1895)
James, Robert Kent (1898) - The Angora Cat, How to Breed, Train and Keep It.
Jennings, John - Domestic or Fancy Cats (1893)
Jennings, John - Domestic and Fancy Cats (1901)
Johonnot, James - Book of Cats and Dogs (1888)
Jumaud, Philippe - Cat Breeds (1935)
Lane, Charles Henry - Rabbits, Cats and Cavies (1903) - section on cats
Kellogg, Mrs S E - A Few Hints on Show Etiquette (1915)
Mayo, Nelson, The Cat, from Diseases of Animals (1913)
Panton, J. E. - Cats and Kittens, or "In Defence of the Cat" (1890)
Quarles van Ufford - Manual for the Treatment of the Cat (1934)
Repplier, Agnes - The Cat (1912)
Repplier, Agnes - The Fireside Sphinx (1901)
About Agnes Repplier, author of The Fireside Sphinx
Ross, Charles Henry - The Book of Cats (1868) - anecdotes and breeds
Rule, Philip M - The Cat: Its Natural History; Domestic Varieties; Management And Treatment
Saunders, Charles - Rabbit & Cat Diseases (Cat section only)
Shaler, Nathaniel Southgate - Domesticated Animals, Their Relation to Man and to His Advancement in Civilization (Cat section only)
The Life and Times of Frances Simpson
Frances Simpson article in "Living London" (1902)
Frances Simpson articles in "Everywoman's Encyclopaedia" (1910-1912)
Simpson, Frances - The Book of the Cat (1903)
Simpson, Frances - Cats and All About Them (1902)
Simpson, Frances - Cats For Pleasure and Profit (1909)
Simpson, Frances - Cats For Pleasure and Profit (4th Edn, 1928)
Smith, Laura Alex - The Cats of Celebrities (Lady's Realm 1898)
Stables, Gordon - The Domestic Cat (1876)
Stables, Gordon - Cats, Their Points and Characteristics (1877)
Stables, Gordon - Shireen and Her Friends - Pages from the Life of a Persian Cat (1894)
von Vechten, Carl- The Tiger in the House (with French passages translated) (1922)
Wain, Louis- The Domestic Cat (article, 1902)
Weir, Harrison - Our Cats and All ABout Them (2nd Edn, 1892)
Whittington, Dick (Miss Higgins) - The Cat Manual (1902)
Winslow, Helen M - Concerning Cats (1900)
Woodroffe-Hill, J - The Diseases of the Cat (1901)
Various - "Popular Science Magazine" Articles (1890s)

The Cat Journal. June 1907.

Some I would like to track down to go online:

Cats: Their Points and Classification. By W. Gordon Stables, M.D., C.M., R.N. London, Dean & Son.
Daniels, Dr. A. C.: The Cat Doctor: home treatment for cats and kittens; published by the author; Boston; 1911. Pamphlet. 14
Diehl, J. E.: The Domestic Cat: different breeds and varieties, how to keep and rear them, together with a treatise of their diseases - with symptoms and remedies for them; Associated Fanciers; Philadelphia; 1899. Pamphlet.
Stables, Gordon: Cats, their humane and rational treatment; Chambers's Journal; September 8, 1883; Vol. 60, P. 572.



Charles Baker was an English instructor of the deaf notable for writing some of the earliest school text books suited to deaf children. "Baker's Scientific Class Book," drew contents from the writings of experts in various scientific topics. It comprised 560 pages of close printing illustrated with over 300 wood-cuts and cost 3 shillings and sixpence. This proved too expensive for many schools, so he divided it into the four-volume "Series of Consecutive Lessons." Although the books were self-contained, each volume, subject and lesson was founded on those that preceded it. Where a topic seemed to contradict biblical teachings, Baker added a commentary to reconcile the material with Christian teachings.

I've owned and been fascinated by "Animals, Their Nature And Uses" since I was 6 years old, and despite my childish attempt to colour some of the illustrations, the fragile book survived over 40 years in my care (with only one missing sheet). I scanned it so that it could be safely sealed and stored. I then located two of the remaining three volumes, both for my own interest and to put them all online for others to enjoy.

Man, His Frame and Wants Book I in the "Series of Consecutive Lessons".
Animals, Their Nature and Uses Book II in the "Series of Consecutive Lessons".
Plants, the Earth, and Minerals Book III in the "Series of Consecutive Lessons".
Cosmography, National and Social Life - Book IV in the "Series of Consecutive Lessons". (I haven't located a copy of this yet.)
The Circle of Knowledge - Teacher's Handbook With Footnotes and additional teaching material.

A Biography of Charles Baker from the American Annals of the Deaf and Dumb.


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