The Barnstaple Cat Case 1889 - Are Cats "Property"?
Bell's Life in London Tortoiseshell Tomcat Saga
Bipedal Cats (historical)
The Boarding House Cats (1887) - Short item on cat disposal
British Cat Food Brands - A History
British Cat Magazines - A History and American Cat Magazines - A History

Cat Hunting for Sport or Control
Cats Eating People?
Cats in Advertising
Cats in Bionics, Biotechnology, Space and Spying
Cats in Classical Greece, Rome and Egypt
Cat Keeping Habits in Britain
Cat Keeping in Britain and America Compared
Cat Racing in Belgium & The Great British Cat Racing Hoax
Cats' Meat Man
Cats' Meat Man in Song and Story
Cats or Bloodsports - Which is More Cruel?
Catskin Earls
Catty Sayings and Their Derivations
Catty Saying - No Room to Swing a Cat
Consolidated Black Cat Company and the Cat-Rat Ranch

Eccentric Cat owners - Anne Wiltshire
Eccentric Cat owners - Nathalie Janotha (Pianist) and White Heather
Feline Folktails and Superstitions
In Our Own Image - Anthropomorphic Cats
Inquests Where Kitty Was the Cause of Death (19th & early 20th Century)
The Katzenklavier (Cat Organ, or Cat Piano)
Kawaii Cats - Cartoon Cuteness
Kittens' Head Hat Craze (And Other Uses Of Stuffed Kittens) (1880s)
Kucinta: Cats of Singapore and Malaysia
Landseer's Longhaired Cat
Linechasing from Found Pedigrees

Medieval Washing Cats
Mother Michel's Cat (Trad. French Nursery Rhyme and Story)
Mother Michel's Cat - The Final Adventure or Mother Michel and Lustucru
Nicodemus - New York's Fake Champion Cat of the 1890s
Nineteenth Century Cat Turning and the Self-Righting Reflex
The Cameronian Cat / The Presbyterian Cat / The Old Seceder's Cat
Paris's Cat Massacre (1730s)
Perfume-Coated Cats - Why do Some Cats Naturally Smell of Flowers?
Peter Alupka, The Talking Cat
Photographing Your Cats (A very simple guide)
Role of Cats in Myth and Religion
Role of Cats in Nursery Rhymes
Role of Cats in Urban Myths

Saint Aelwaer's Cat
Stamford Cat Show Mouse-Killing Contest (1903)
Tigers Loose in London and Lions Loose in Birmingham!
Whimsical Naming of Cats


Warning: This series of articles contains distressing images.

1. What the West Sees, What the West Ignores
2. Racial Slurs and Stereotypes
3. Where and Why Cats are Eaten
4. Recent Cases
5. Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Cat Eaters


Silver and Gold (Seasonal Card Design)
The Hybrid (Big Cat Logo)
"Mercedes" and "Dinner" (Ink drawings)


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