[1901] WESTMINSTER AQUARIUM CAT SHOW Sporting Times, 22nd December 1900
Once more the Cat Show will be with us. The Cat Club, of which Lady Marcus Beresford is one of the leading spirits, will hold its third championship exhibition at the St. Stephen's Hall of the Westminster Aquarium on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 15 and 16. It is gratifying to note that the entire receipts of this Cat Show will be devoted to the aid of the Children's Hospital in Great Ormond Street.

THE CAT CLUB (WESTMINSTER SHOW).– The Times, January 16, 1901



cat show

CAT SHOW AT THE CRYSTAL PALACE – The Times, October 30, 1901.
The 12th championship show held under the auspices of the National Cat Club was opened at the Crystal Palace yesterday. There are 640 exhibitors, with 1,200 entries, and these numbers constitute the largest show organized exclusively for cats ever held in the country. Among those who are exhibiting are the patron of the club, Princess Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein; the Countess of Aberdeen, Viscountess Maitland, and Lady Alexander of Ballochmyle, vice-presidents; Lady Decies, Lady Pink, the Hon. P. Wodehouse, M.P., the Rev. P. L. Cosway, and Dr. Roper. Though blue Persians form the largest section of the exhibits, the number of entries indicating a revival of interest in the breeding of short-haired cats, perhaps the most attractive classes are those for Chinchillas, of which there are many beautiful specimens. The cream-coloured Persians, a recent development in shows of this nature, are the objects of much interest and curiosity, both on the part of breeders and the public; while the fine collection of silver tabbies also comes in for a large share of attention. One of the most successful exhibitors is Mrs. Pettitt, of St. Leonards, who, with “Piquante Pearl,” secures the Stisted Challenge Bowl, one of the club's open championships, and several other prizes. Lady Alexander wins the National Cat Club’s Challenge Cup for the best short-haired cat in the show, the Machonochie Challenge Cup, an open championship, and other trophies in addition. Mrs. Lenty Collins, of West Croydon, is awarded the open championship for the best black long-haired cat; while other principal prizes are taken by the Countess of Aberdeen, Lady Pink, Lady Decies, Miss W. Beal, of Darlington, Mr. E. Inman, of Harrogate, Mrs. R. O. Backhouse, of Sutton Court, Hereford, and the Hon. P. Wodehouse. The judges — the Hon. Mrs. McLaren Morrison, Mrs. M. Robinson, Mr. Louis Wain, the Rev. J. C. Maynard, Mr. C. G. Silk, Mr. H. Jung, Mr. H. C. Brooke, Mr. E. Welburn, and Mr. G. W. Mason — were unable to complete their task yesterday, when there was a crowded attendance, and the judging of the remaining classes will be resumed to-day.

Various, November 23, 1901. At the Cat Show In the Crystal Palace, London, lately, the Counties of Aberdeen's silver cat Zoroaster took a first prize and one of her kittens was third in the same class.

cat show

ENGLAND’S NATIONAL CAT SHOW - San Francisco Chronicle, December 10, 1901

The National Cat Club has just held its twelfth championship show at the Crystal Palace. The entries showed an increase, no less than 601 cats, divided into 106 classes, being shown. The challenge cup for the best short-haired English or foreign cat was taken by Lady Alexander's Ballochmyle Perfection, which now holds over 100 firsts and championships. The same animal was also awarded several specials. Among the exhibitors and prize-winners were Princess Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein (whose Chinchilla kitten was very highly commended), the Countess of Aberdeen, Viscountess Maitland, Lady Decies and Philip Woodehouse. Illustrated London News.

If competition is the soul of trade, it should certainly result in immense improvement among our domestic pets. Here in Melbourne our dogs are far too apt to be "just dog” and our cats “just cat.” And yet, as “horsemen” say, a good looking, well bred animal costs no more to keep than another. The theory that it is the mongrels that have the brains is long since exploded, and one might just as well expect breeding to count for nothing on the turf as to look for the intelligence of a well bred dog in every nondescript canine quadruped. Much the same applies to cats, and that the desirability of breeding first class animals is recognised in England is illustrated by the fact that the entries at the last National Cat Show totalled a thousand. Blue Persians formed one of the largest classes, though Siamese and Chinchilla cats were well represented.


CAT SHOW AT READING. THE PRIZE LIST. - Reading Mercury, 2 March 1901
cat show Mr. G. H. Billett, of Cross-street, Reading, hay gained the credit for organizing the first Cat Show in Reading. Hitherto feline specimens of the domestic pets have only had a place in a few classes arranged in connection with ornithological shows, and it has remained for Mr. Billett to try the experiment of holding an exhibition entirely for cats. In other parts of the country similar shows are held annually, and are a success, and there is no reason why the efforts of Mr. Billett should not be rewarded with like results. He certainly has every cause to congratulate himself upon the result of his first attempt in Reading, for the Show which was held in the Cross-street Hall on Wednesday and Thursday was an excellent one. In all, prizes were offered in twenty five classes, and although two or three were amalgamated through an insufficient entry, in most of them there was a keen contest, the total number of entries being 170. The cats shown included some well-known prize winners, amongst which might be mentioned the Hon. P. Woodhouse's silver tabby, which won the championships at the Crystal Palace Show in 1898 and 1900, and a first and two specials at the Westminster Show this year; Mrs. Harold V. James's Champion Backwell Jogram which obtained a first and five challenge cups and medals at the Westminster Show this year and Mr. Gambier Bolton's "D-Tail" and Primrose," both of which were very successful at the Westminster Show.

With these beautiful specimens in the show, and many more of a high pedigree and quality, visitors were well rewarded for their patronage, for it is not often that such a fine lot of cats is seen at a provincial show. Mr. Billett had been fortunate in securing influential support for his undertaking, the patrons and subscribers including the Lady Marcus Beresford. Lady Morshead, Lady Euan Smith, Mrs. George Webster, Mr. G. W. Palmer, M.P., and Mrs. Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Keyser, Captain H. Blackett, and the Mayor and Mayoress of Reading (Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Bull.) The officials were as follows :—Judges, Miss Frances Simpson (London), Mr. George Billett (Southampton), and Mr. L. P. C. Astley (Liverpool); hon. veterinary surgeon. Mr. A. Wheatley ; stewards, Mrs. Godwin, Messrs. F. Butler, A. Houghton, R. J. Irving, W.R. Roberts, W. Godwin, and E. L. Coates. The show, which it might be mentioned, received the recognition of London Cat Club and the National Cat Club, was largely patronised, amongst the visitors on Wednesday being Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Palmer. The prize list is as follows:-

LONGHAIRED CATS. (Neuter cats not admissible in classes 1 to 9.)
Class 1, black or white, male female—No entry.
Class 2, smokes, male or female —No first; 2 "Champion Backwell Jogram," Mrs. Harold V. James, Backwell, near Bristol; no third; 4 Miss E. Phayre, Ormond Lodge, Weston, Bath ; vhc " Minonche," Mrs. Collingwood, Bossington, Leighton Buzzard.
Classes 3 and 4, blue, male and female, self colour, without white 1 "Neppo," Miss A. Greatorex, Langside, Old Colwyn, North Wales; 2 “Blue Margurite," Mrs. G. Boutcher, Osborne House, Wellington-road, South Hounslow ; 3 " King of the Blues II," Mrs. Walford Gosnall, Masbrall, Chelmsford ; 4, " Thames Valley Lady Babbie," Miss Derby Hyde, North Moreton, Wallingford.
Class 5, Chinchilla or silver, male-1 Mrs. Sinkins, Aldernoor House, Southampton ; no second; 3 Rob Roy, of Arrandale," Mrs. George Wilson, Arrandale, Adamrill-road, Sydenham; 4, "Silver Sheen," Mrs. G. Barton Collier, Brough Cottage, Brough, E. Yorkshire; extra "Lord Nugent," Mr. L. Omerod, 15, Wellington-street, St. John'sroad, Blackburn; vhc "Lord Hampton," Mrs. E. Davies, Upper Caterham. Surrey.
Class 6, Chinchilla or silver, female-1 " Edie," Mr. H. Thomas, 19, Queen's Gate Mews, S. Kensington, London no second; 3 "'Lady Southampton," Mrs. Walford Gosnall; 4 " Arrandale Queenie," Mrs. Geerge Wilson ; hc " Silver Patti," Mrs. B. P. Earwaker, Manor House, Buxton ; Mrs. H. B. Palmer, 19a, Wellington Park, Clifton, Bristol, and Mrs. Sinkins.
Class 7, tabby, any colour, without white, male—1 "Thames Valley Silver King," Miss Derby Hyde ; no second; 3 Silver Green Eyes," Mrs. Thomas Furze, 171, Gooch-street, Birmingham; 4, Mrs. F.Walker, Kingston-road, Leatherhead; extra 4, Mrs. H. B. Palmer; vhc Thames Valley Prince of Orange," Miss Derby Hyde.
Class 8, tabby, any colour, without white, female—1 silver tabby, the Hon. P. Woodehouse, Wilton Park. North Walsham, Norfolk ; 2 blue tabby, the Hon. P. Woodehouse; 3 " Wickham Beauty," Miss Chamberlayne, 16, Belvedere-road, Norwood, S.E.; 4 Jenny Wren," Mrs. Cartwright Upwood, Handley, Salisbury; vhc Jennie Deane," Miss Anderson Leake, Dingley Hill, Bradfield ; hc " Lady Maud," MissE. S. Cook, 44, Wingate-road, Ravenscourt Park, London.
Class 9, any variety not mentioned, male or female—1 Ronald Kirk [Romaldkirk] Admiral," Miss Winifred Beal, Ronaldkirk Rectory, Darlington ; 2 " Pet," Miss Emily Goddard, 30, Lansdowne Gardens, Stockwell, London; no third ; 4 " Garboldisham Briton," Mrs. C. L. Kennaway, Garboldisham Rectory, East Harding, Norfolk ; extra 4 Mrs. Alfred A. Allen, 26, Prospect-street, Caversham; vhc the Hon. P. Woodehouse.
KITTENS. (Long-haired, under eight months old)
Class 10, best single kitten, any colour tabby, without white; amalgamated with class 11, chinchilla or silver—1 “ Baden Powell," Mrs. Clark, Kyrle Ashbrittle, Wellington, Somerset ; 2 and 3 not awarded ; 4 Miss M. E. Bradford, 21, Victoria-street, Exmore ; extra 4 " Pretty Pretoria," Miss Anderson Leake ; hc Rosehilda," Miss Chamberlayne, and “Trinity Abdula," Mrs. G. Watkinson, 14, Trinity-street, Colchester.
Class 12, best single kitten, blue, self colour-1 " Holmwood Horsfall," Miss Jay, Holmwood, Putney Hill, S.W.; no second ; 3 Cambridge Lifeguard," Mrs. S. B. Wallis, Ventnor, St. Barnabas-road, Cambridge ; 4 Mrs. W. Shaler, Manor House, Lillington, Leamington ; vhc " Little Pixey," Rev. H Davies, Hereford.
Class 13, best single kitten, any colour not mentioned, long or short haired—1 " Matthew of the Durham," Mrs. D'Arcy Hildyard, Starttorth, Barnard Castle; 2, "Thames Valley Blue Eyed May," Miss Derby Hyde ; 3, Mrs. Sinkins ; 4 "Sandy Hero," Mrs. F. W. Western, Sandy, Bedfordshire,

Class 14, Siamese, male, female, or neuter—1 " Tozer," Mrs Backhouse, Sutton Court, near Hereford; 2 " J. W. N." Mrs.Parker Brough, Springfield, Kettering; 3 "Imported Chowfa," Miss Derby Hyde ; reserve " Chowfa Maka," Miss E. B. Ackford, 8, Bathwick-street, Bath ; vhc " Princess Chota," Mr. John Rhodes, 360, Blackburn-road. Accrington, “ Chowfa Dar Janoot," Miss E. B. Ackford, and " The Mammy," Miss A. C. J. Fraser, 7, Forbes-road, Edinburgh ; hc Kithen," Miss A. C. J. Fraser.
Class 15, Manx, male, female, or neuter—1 " D-Tail," Mr. Gambier Bolton, 28, Charing Cross-road, London, W.C.; no second ; 3 Messrs, Tarbox and Parker, 28, York-street, Rugby; 4 " Primrose," Mr. Gambier Bolton; reserve Miss F. Dresser, Springfield, Bexley Heath; vhc "Jorty," Capt. H. Blackett, Ascot.
Class 16, tabby, any colour without white, male; neuter cats not admissible—2 " Silver Prince," Mrs. H. B. Palmer ; 3 " The Orange Boy," Miss Derby Hyde; 4 " Baby Boy," Mrs. Collingwood; reserve Mrs. Bryden.
Class 17, tabby, any colour without white, female—1 " Silver Duchess," Capt. H. Blackett; no second and third ; "Silver Queen," Capt. H. Blackett; reserve Mrs. E. Smyth, Forest Hill, S.E.; hc Mrs. H. B. Palmer.
Class 18, any other variety, male or female—1 " Thames Valley Blue Eyed Daddy," Miss Derby Hyde ; 2 " Oxford Lightfoot," Mrs. E. Page, Cardigan-street, Oxford ; 3 " Holmwood Daisy," Miss Jay ; 4 " Shady," Miss Derby Hyde; extra 4 “Surprise," Mr. Surridge, 196, Oxford Avenue, Southampton ; reserve " Thames Valley Blue Eyed Daisy," Miss Derby Hyde; vhc "Floss," Miss Derby Hyde; hc "Sandy Surprise," Mrs. F. W. Western; c "Trot," Miss E. Mortivals, Takeley, Essex.
Class 19, neuter cats, long or short haired—1 " Blenheim Bijou," Miss E. B. Ackford; no second; 3 " Royal Prince Du Congo," Miss Kate Sangster, 2, Palmerston-road, Southsea; 4 "David," Mrs. Collingwood; extra Mr. James Haslam, 17, Irving-place, Blackburn; vhc "Arzin,” Miss Seilla Bartlett, Holmesdale, Bexley Heath ; hc Mrs. F. Walker.
Class 20, Novice class, long-haired male, female or neuter— 1 "Trilby," Mr. T. G. Lloyd, 17, Chesterman-street, Reading; 2 “Darkie," Mrs. Collingwood; 3 Mrs. Swarm, Erleigh House, Earley ; 4 “Don," Mr. A. Oliver, 15, Cross street, Reading ; r Gordon Blue," Miss E. Bowly, Meadow Cottage, vhc "The Duchess," Mr. C. Crosby, Broom Hurst, Dorking, and " Trico Bunch," Mr. G. Watkinson.
Class 21, Novice class, short-haired—Cancelled.
Class 22, selling class, long or short haired, male, female or neuter. Any age. Not to exceed £2 2s.—1 Mrs. Walwyn, Croft-y-Bula, Monmouth ; no second ; 3 " Keyser," Mrs. E. Wetten, 52, Connaught-road, Reading; 4 “Silver Locks," Mrs. Walwyn; r " Lord Bobs," Mr. Surridge; vhc Miss M. E. Bradford, and " Judith," Mrs. Luxmore, Kennet View, Mansfield-road, Reading.

LOCAL CLASSES. Open to exhibitors residing within ten miles of the Market-place.
Class 23, long-haired cats, male, female or neuter —1 " Billy," Mr. W. Nicholls, County Police Station, Reading ; 2 "Baby," Miss L. Smith, Argyll-street, Reading; 3 "Black," Mrs. White, 23, Kingsgate-street, Reading; 4 "Ben," Miss A. Hall, Reading; extra Mr. Phinchin, 15, South-street, Caversham ; vhc "Tiny," Miss Hall, Reading, and " Tiger," Mrs. Knapp, Caversham; hc " Ruff," Mr. F. T. Archard, 26, Caversham-road, Reading, and " Bluette," Miss E. Bowly.
Class 24, short-haired cats, male, female or neuter—1 Mr. L. Dymond, 66, St. Mary's Butts, Reading; 2 " Totters," Miss Paice, 195, Oxford-road, Reading; 3 Mrs. F. Williams, De Beauvoir House, London-road, Reading; 4 Master H. Deacon, 55, Donnington-road, Beading; r "Black Jim," Mrs. H. Butler, London-street, Reading; vhc " Blackie," Mr. E. H. Simmons, Tregenna, Alexandra-road, Reading; hc “Josey," Miss L. Smith, Mrs. S. Bishop, Basingstoke-road, Reading, and Mrs. F. Hobbs, Caversham-road, Reading.
Class 25, kittens, long or short-haired, under 8 months—l!" Queen," Mrs. E. S. Allen, Blenheim-road, Caversham; 2 Miss Daisy Fidler, Warren-side, Caversham; 3 Mr. S. Lutkin, " Boar's Head" Yard Malthouse, Reading ; 4 Mr. F. Kidgell, London-road, Reading; extra 4 Master S. Godwin. Cross street, Reading; r Mrs. St. John, Battle House, Reading; vhc Mr. B. J. Bishop, Southampton-street, Reading, and Mrs. John B, Dormain, Kings-road, Reading.

Champion Prize for best cat, presented by Lady Marcus Beresford Miss Winifred Beal's "Ronald Kirk Admiral."
Silver medal, presented by the Cat Club, for the best longhaired cat. Open only to members of the Cat Club —Miss Winifred Beal's " Ronald Kirk Admiral."
Bronze medal, presented by Cat Club, for best short-haired cat. For members of the Cat Club only—Miss Derby Hyde's Thames Valley Blue Eyed Daddy."
Silver medal, presented by the National Cat Club, for best cat—Miss Winifred Beal's " Ronald Kirk Admiral."
Silver medal, presented by the National Cat Club, for best neuter, long-haired—Mrs F. Walker's blue in class 19.
Silver medal, presented by the National Cat Club, for the best short-haired cat—Miss Derby Hyde's " Thames Valley Blue Eyed Daddy."
Silver medal, presented by the National Cat Club, for the best short-haired neuter, for cats registered at the Club— Mrs. Backhouse's " Tozer."
Prize presented by Miss Frances Simpson for best blue fe male long-haired cat, open to all - Mrs. G. Boutcher's " Blue Margurite."
Prize presented by Mr. T. A. Lack, for the best blue male long-haired cat, open to all—Miss A. Greatorex's " Neppo."
Prize presented Miss Anderson Leake, for the best silver tabby female, long-haired, open to all—The Hon. P. Woodehouse's silver tabby in class 8.
Prize presented by Lady Marcus Beresford for the best chinchilla or silver in classes and 6—Mrs. Sinkins.
Prize presented by Miss Kate Sangster for the best longhaired white neuter cat, open to all—Mrs. Swann.
Prize presented by Messrs. Harmsworth for the best cat in class 1—Mrs. Harold V. James's "Champion Backwell Jogram."
Prize presented Mr. A. Houghton, for the best kitten, open to all—Mrs. D'Arcy Hildyard's “Matthew of the Durham."
Prize presented by Captain H. Blackett, for the best brace of short-haired silver tabbies—Won by Captain Blackett.
Champion prize presented by Mr. G. W. Palmer, M.P.. for the best cat, short-haired, open to all—Miss Derby Hyde’s " Thames Valley Blue Eyed Daddy."
Prize for the best Manx female cat, under 1 year—Messrs. Tarbor and Parker.
Prize for the best Manx female cat—Messrs. Tarbor and Parker.
Prize presented by " Our Cats," for the best novice longhaired cat—Mr. T. G. Lloyd's " Trilby."
Prize presented by Mr. J. Challenger, for the best cat in class 2 - Mrs. Harold V. James “Champion Backwell Jogram.
Prize presented by Mrs. Hildyard, for the best, long-haired cream or orange female, not novice. Open to all - Mrs. D'Arcy Hildyard's " Mathew of the Durham.
Prize presented by Mrs. Omerod, for the best long-haired black female Persian. Open to all —Mrs. Alfred Allen.
Prize presented by Mrs. Walker for the best long-haired silver kitten. Open to all—Mrs. Clark’s “Baden Powell."
Prize presented by Hon. P. Woodehouse for the best Siamese male. Open to all—Mrs. Parker Brough's “ J.W.N." .
Prize for the best short-haired novice cat—Miss E B Ack ford's " Blenheim Bijou.”
Prize presented by Mr T. Yates, for the best local cat, long-haired—Mr. Nicholl's "Billy"
Prize presented by " Ladies Pictorial'," for the best shorthaired local cat—Mr. L. Dymond.
Prize presented by Miss Prances Simpson, for the best brown tabby, long-haired, in classes 7 and 8 – Miss Chamberlayne’s “Wickham Beauty.”


SANDY SHOW, BEDS Bedfordshire Mercury, 30th August 1901
The thirty-third annual exhibition in connection with the Sandy and District Floral and Horticultural Society took place in the Park of Sandye Place yesterday, by kind permission of the President of the Society (Sir Robert Edgcumbe). [. . .] Cage birds were dropped this year to make a specialty of cats.
CATS. Judges : Miss F. Simpson, Durdan’s House. St. Margarots-on-Thames; Miss Champion, 61, Fairlawn Grove, Chiswick. —Prizes, 1st 12s., 2nd 6s., 3rd 3s.
The Cat Club’s silver medal for the lightest silver male cat (long-haired), Mrs G. Wilson.
Cat Club silver medal for best blue female (longhaired), Miss E. Gant.
Cat Club bronze medal for best silver tabby cat (short-haired). Reeve and Hough.
Silver Society silver medal for best silver tabby or smoke cat (members only) Mrs A. M. Stead.
Silver Society silver medal for best shaded silver or chinchilla cat (members only), Mrs G. Wilson.
Silver Society silver medal for best silver tabby or smoke kitten (members only), Miss E. Pickard.
Silver Society silver medal for best chinchilla or shaded silver kitten (members only). Miss E. Pickard.
Blue Persian Cat Society’s challenge prize—silver inkstand for the best blue Persian male (to be won 3 times) already won once by Mrs Collingwood’s “Royal Bobs,” Rev. P. L. Cosway,
Blue Persian Cat Society challenge prize—a silver tea caddy for the best blue female (to be won 3 times) already won once by Miss Sangster’s “Roval Heather Belle” Miss E. Gant.
Blue Persian Cat Society silver medal for the best blue male cat, Rev. P. L. Cosway.
Blue Persian Cat Society silver medal for the best blue female cat. Miss E. Gant.
Miss F. Simpson, special for the best blue male kitten, Rev. P. L. Cosway.
Mrs Collingwood, for the best blue female kitten, Miss A. Bennett.
Miss Patterson, soundest coloured blue female cat Miss E. Gant.
Miss Jay, silver medal for the best blue male, other than the winner of the Blue Persian Cat Society silver medal, Rev. P. L. Cosway.
Lady Marcus Beresford, silver medal for the best blue (long-haired , Rev. P. L. Cosway.
Lady Marcus Beresford, gold medal for best cat in silver classes, Mrs G. Wilson.
Lady Marcus Beresford, silver medal for best longhaired white with blue eyes, Mrs W. Nott.
Lady Marcus Beresford, bronze medal for best silver tabby long-haired), Mrs G. Wilson.
Lady Marcus Beresford, bronze medal for the best smoke Mrs A. M. Stead.
Lady Marcus Beresford, for best chinchilla kitten, Mrs L. Coupland.
Lady Marcus Beresford, for best smoke kitten (longhaired), Mrs S. F. Clarke.
Lady Marcus Beresford, for fawn male (long-haired). Miss Winifred Beal.
Lady Marcus Beresford, for orange female (longhaired), Miss Mildred Beal.
Mrs Champion, for silver tabby kitten (long-haired), Mrs Paisley.
Dr. Abbott, for best chinchilla under 4 years, Mrs G. Wilson.
Miss F. Simpson, for brown tabby female, Mrs F. W. Western.
Miss Dresser, for best adult cat in smoke, silver and chinchilla classes, Mrs G Wilson.
The Hon. Mrs McLaren Morrison, for best cat in the show, Mrs Parker Brough.
Mr J White, for long-haired neuter, Mrs Sell.
Mrs F W Western, silver medal for best exhibit in Class 212, R Little.
Her Grace the Duchess of Bedford, silver bowl for best long-haired male in show, Miss Winifred Beal.
Short-haired Cat Society medal for best Manx cat exhibited by a member, Gambier Bolton.
Short-haired Cat Society medal for best short-haired silver tabby exhibited by a member, Mrs F W Western.
“Our Cats” framed gallery of celebrated cats for best cat that has never won a prize, Mrs G. Wilson.
“Fur and Feather,” bound volume for best exhibit in local adult class, Mrs F. W. Western.
Miss Monson, for best exhibit in local kitten class, Mrs F. W. Western.
“Our Cats” for best exhibit in local kitten class, Mrs P. W. Western.
F. P. Llewellyn, for best silver tabby Manx (striped or spotted), Gambier Bolton.
Mrs Sievewright, for best Manx male under 18 months, Gambier Bolton.
Siamese Club medal for best Siamese, Mrs Vyvyan.

Class 203.—Blue. male. 1 Rev. P. L. Cosway, 2 Mrs F. W. Western.
Class 204.—Blue, female, 1 Miss K. Gant, 2 Rev. P.L. Cosway, 3 Miss Hilda Patterson, r. Miss Winifred Beal, vhc Mrs F. W. Western and Miss G. M. Young.
Class 205. —.Smoke, shaded silver, silver tabby, and chinchilla, male, 1 Mrs G. Wilson, 2 Miss Derby Hyde, . Mrs Sinkins, r. Mrs H. .Sherlock.
Class 206. —Ditto, female, 1 Mrs Pawsett, 2 Mrs A. M. Stead, 3 Miss Grant, v.h.c. Mrs M. A Moseley, h.c. Mrs S. Francis Clarke.
Class 207 - Any other colour, male, 1 Miss Winifred Beal, 2 Mrs D’Arcy Hildyard, 3 Mrs W. Nott.
Class 208—Ditto, female, 1 Miss Mildred Beal, 2 Mrs E. Pickard, 3 Miss Winifred Beal, vhc T. Furze.
Class 209.—Kitten, under months, blue, male or female, 1 Rev. P. L. Cosway, 2 Miss A. Bennett, 3 Hugh Macwell, r. Mrs S. Francis Clarke, hc Mrs E. F. Russell-Biggs.
Class 210. Ditto, smoke and silver tabby, 1 Mrs Paisley, 2 Mrs E. Pickard, 3 Mrs S. Francis Clarke, r. Mrs M. Cartwright, vhc Mrs E. Pickard (2).
Class 211.—Ditto, shaded silver and chinchilla, 1 Mrs L. Coupland, 2 Mrs E. Pickard, 3 Mrs Western.
Class 212.—Ditto, any other colour,1 R. Little, 2 Drury Bros., 3 Miss J. Moore.

Class 213.—Whole or self coloured (except Manx or Siamese), male or female, 1 Miss Derby Hyde, 2 the Hon. P. Wodehouse, Mrs G. Pilkin, jun., r. F. W Western, hc Miss Maggie Pym.
Class 214, Tabby, striped, barred, or spotted (except Manx), male or female, 1 Reeve and Hough, 2 Mrs C. M. Bonny, 3 Mrs G. Pilkin, jun., hc G. Pope.
Class 210.—Manx, male or female, 1, 2, and 3 Gambier Bolton.
Class 217.—Siamese, male or female, 1 Mrs Vvvvan, 2 Mrs Parker Brough.
Class 218.—Kitten, under 8 months, any colour, male or female, 1 Mrs G. Pilkin, jun., 2 Mrs C. M, Bonny, 3 Miss Maggie Pym.

Class 219.—Neuter cat, any variety. 1 Mrs H Sell, 2 Miss Swain, 3 Miss A. E. Cartwright, r. Rev. P. L. Cosway, vhc Miss Bartlett, hc A. M. Bland and Mrs Fletcher, c. E. D. Twelvetrees.
Class 220. —Selling, any variety, any age, price not to exceed 42s.. male, female or neuter, 1 Mrs Nott, 2 and r Mrs S. Francis Clarke, 3 Mrs F W Western.

Open to residents of the parish of Sandy only.
Class 22l.—Cat. any variety, 1, 3 and r Mrs F. W. Western,2 Mrs H. Banes, vhc E. N. D. Twelvetrees and Mrs Ibhott.
Class 222.—Kitten, any variety, 1 and 2 Mrs F. W, Western, 3 Mrs Tott.


[1901] ARBROATH DOG AND CAT SHOW Dundee Courier, 25th December 1900
The Arbroath canine Club have been granted the use of the Market Buildings for the purpose of holding a dog and cat show about the end of February [1901] or early in March.


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