Zoos and menageries once bred exotic-looking hybrid big cats to attract the public just as hybrid small cats (Bengal, Chausie etc) are now bred as pets. The bigger and more ferocious looking, the better the public liked it. Due to conservation efforts, deliberate hybridization is prohibited in most zoos. It still happens in private collections and there are plenty of individuals willing to experiment with breeding different cat species together.

Mutants are natural variations that occur due to spontaneous genetic changes or the expression of recessive (hidden) genes due to inbreeding. White tigers and black leopards are examples of mutations. In the past, the obvious reaction to any unusual big cat was to shoot it for the trophy room. As a result, many interesting mutations may have been wiped out before the genes were passed on. Some colour mutations which would disadvantage a wild big cat are bred in captivity for the sake of curiosity.


What are Hybrid Big Cats?
Why are Ligers Bigger than Tigons?
Why Breed Hybrids? Complex Hybrids. Backcrossing. Creating New Species.
Emotional & Behaviour Problems in Hybrids
Big Cat/Domestic Cat Hybrids

Hagenbeck's Hybrids
Colonel Ferari, Frank Bostock and the Bi-Hybrids
Naming Convention For Hybrids
About Hybrids, Chimeras & Haldane's Rule

Hybrids between Tiger Subspecies
Hybrids Between Lion Subspecies
Hybridisation in South American Wildcats
Wild Cat X Domestic Cat Hybrids

Liger (Lion X Tigress)
Tigon (Tiger X Lioness)

Li-Liger, Li-Tigon, Ti-Liger, Ti-Tigon
Jaguar X Leopard (Jagulep, Jagleop, Lepjag), Lion X Jaguar X Leopard (Li-Jagulep), Congolese Spotted Lion
Jaguar X Tiger
Leopard X Lion (Leopon, Lipard, Marozi)
Leopard X Lion X Tiger
Leopard X "Panther"
Leopard X Tiger (Tigard, Dogla)
Puma X Leopard (Pumapard),Puma X Jaguar, Puma X Lion
Puma X Ocelot
Ocelot, Margay & Oncilla Hybrids
Serval & Caracal Hybrids
Cheetah Hybrids
Lynx & Bobcat Hybrids
Small Wild Cat Hybrids


Historical Texts About Hybrids - Cuvier, Darwin & Other Early Naturalists

Hybrid Bears - Polar/Brown Bear Hybrids
Hybrid Bears - Other Bear Hybrids
Hybrid Bovines
Hybrid Bovines: Story of the Cattalo
Hybrid Camels
Hybrid Canines
Hybrid Deer & Antelope
Hybrid Elephants, Rhinos & Tapirs
Hybrid Fowl & Poultry
Hybrid Marine Mammals
Hybrid Marsupials
Hybrid Primates
Hybrid Rodents & Lagomorphs
Hybrid Sheep & Goats
Hybrid Swine & Babirusa
Hybrid Viverrids & Mustelids

Hybrid Equines: Mules, Mollies and Hinnies
Hybrid Equines: Horse/Pony x Zebra
Hybrid Equines: Donkey/Ass x Zebra
Hybrid Equines: Fertile Mules (news accounts)
Hybrid Equines: Professor Ewart's Kiang Hybrids
Hybrid Equines: Zebrule & Zebrula Breeding Experiments
Hybrid Equines: Tegetmeier's Papers
Hybrid Equines: Professor Ewart's Zebra Hybrids
Hybrid Equines: "Uncle Sam's Hybrids"
Hybrid Equines: Zebra x Zebra species, Domestic Horse x Przewalski & others
Hybrid Equines: Impossible Hybrids


1500 to 1899 - Historical Accounts of White Tigers
1800s - Current Day Stripeless White Tigers
1900 to 1950s - Historical Accounts of White Tigers
1950s to 1970s - The White Tigers of Rewa & Orissa
1970s - Alleged White Amur Tigers, Susie & White Tigers of Unknown Lineages
White Tigers in Captivity Today
White Tigers in British Zoos (1960s to 1990s)
White Tigers: Mohini - Mother of American White tigers - and her Descendants
White Tiger Breeders: Robert Baudy, Josip Marcan
Circus White Tigers: Susie - Matriarch of a White Tiger Line
Circus White Tigers: Takila/Chequila & Tony - Patriarch of a White Tiger Line; Maharanee/Maharani
Circus White Tigers: Siegfried and Roy's Tigers
Circus White Tigers: The Mysterious 1975 Litter of Six
The 1984 White Tiger Cubs Theft Case
Current Day - Spread Of White Tigers In Zoos - Too Many To Count
Reintroducing White Tigers Into The Wild?
White Tiger Studbook and Bibliography
Golden Tigers (Golden Tabby Tigers)
White and Golden Tiger Genealogies from Mohan to Modern Day
White and Golden Tiger Genetics (Deduced from Genealogies)
Inbreeding Depression in White and Golden Tigers
Black Tigers
Blue Tigers
Red, Brown, Stripeless & Double-Striped Tigers
Excerpt from "The Book of the Tiger" by R.G. Burton (1933)
Historical Representations of White Tigers
White Lions - Mythology, History & Genetics
White Lions in Captivity Today
White Lions - Historical Accounts of White Cubs
White Lion, story by By Geoffrey Williams
Black Lions & Red Lions
Spotted Lions & Marozi
"The Spotted Lion" (Excerpts) by K Gandar-Dower
Maneless Lions
Blue, Black, White, Red, Blotched & Woolly Cheetahs
Black, White, Red & Blotched Leopards
Black, White (Ghost) & Piebald Jaguars
Black, White & Spotted Pumas (Cougars)
Black, White & Speckled (Servaline) Servals
Black Puma in Fiction: The Brazilian Cat (Arthur Conan Doyle)
Colour & Pattern Variations in The Big Cats (Tigers, Leopards, etc)
Colour & Pattern Variations in Other Big Cats (Lynx, Caracal, Bobcat, etc)

Genetic Terms for Colour Mutations

Anomalous Felids & Mystery Wild Cats

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