Chart 01: Mohan and Begum (Rewa)

Chart 01a: Mohan and Begum descendants (Calcutta Zoo)

Chart 01b: Mohan and Begum descendants (Ahmedabad Zoo)

Chart 01c: Ratna and Jim descendants

Chart 01d: Begum and Sultan descendants

Chart 02: Orissa Lines (Diana / Subhra)

Chart 02-1: Orissa Lines (Pseudo-Melanistic Tigers)

Chart 02-2: Orissa Lines Aswini, Pinaki and Anand descendants

Chart 02-3: Orissa Lines Thara and Krishna descendants

Chart 02-4: Orissa Lines Moti II and Homa descendants

Chart 02-5: Mohan and Begum descendants (Hyderabad Zoo)

Chart 02-6: Jyoti and Sanjeev - Rewa & Orissa lines continued from Chart 02.4

Chart 02-7: Orissa lines continued from Chart 02.2: Full chart this has also been broken down into the following breeding lines at different zoos:

Chart 02-7a: Nandankanan Biological Park: Debabrata, Bisakha, Pinaki, Jamuna and Janhabi lines

Chart 02-7b: Nandankanan, Maitri Baagh Zoo (Bilhai), Nawab Wazid Ali Shah Zoo (Lucknow), Rajkor Municipal Zoo: Shyam and Tarini line

Chart 02-7c: Nandankanan Biological Park: Debashis and Jamuna line

Chart 02-7d: Nandankanan, Sanjat Gandhi National Park And Zoo (Borivilli), Bannerghatta Biological Park, Aurangabad Municipal Zoo: Krutika lines

Chart 03: Mohan's Lines via Mohini in the USA

Chart 04: Champak, Chameli and Roop (Bristol Zoo)

Chart 1: Amur (Siberian) ancestors of Kubla

Chart 2: Ural / Saber I / Prince, Sheba III and Begum descendants

Chart 2.1: Frosty, Bengali and Saber II descendants

Chart 2.2: Ari, Baby and Ika descendants

Chart 2.2a: Tony, Snowy and Gordo II descendants

Chart 2.2a1: Thor, Yukon, Crystal and Parsie descendants (Tony's lines)

Chart 2.2b: Tiffany, Isson and Taj descendants (Tony's line, Bhim's line)

Chart 2.2c: Sherkhan, and Kalif (Ari and Baby's line)

Chart 2.3: Frosty and Begum descendants

Chart 2.3a: Ari and Kairi (daughter of Frosty and Begum)

Chart 2.4: Frosty and Rema descendants

Chart 2.4a: Chrissy, Ari and Mysor (Frosty and Rema lines)

Chart 2.5: Tony and Rani (Ranee) descendants

Chart 2.6: Kashmir and Ari (Tony's line and Begum's line)

Chart 3: Kubla and Susie's desendents

Chart 3.1: Radja and Sheba II (Kubla and Susie's line)

Chart 3.1a: Rani, Tony, Snowy and Kesari descendants (Radja and Sheba II lines)

Chart 3.1a1: Bhim and Sumita descendants pt 1 (Tony and Kesari's Line)

Chart 3.1a1a: Bhim and Sumita descendants pt 2 (Tony and Kesari's Line)

Chart 3.1a1b: Benzoo, Shubra, Sundari and Bhim descendants (Bhim's lines)

Chart 3.1a1b: Benzoo, Shubra, Bubba and Kipling descendants (Bhim's lines)

Chart 3.1a1c: Narangi, Mota, Tapi and Bhim descendants (Bhim's lines)

Chart 3.1a1c1: Bhim and Tapi descendants (Bhim's lines)

Chart 3.1a1d: Silver and Blizzard descendants (Bhim and Sumita line)

Chart 3.1a1e: Kivali and Moose descendants (Bhim's lines)

Chart 3.1a1f: Bhim and Sumita descendants pt 3

Chart 3.1a2: Bhim and Kamala descendants (Bhim, Tony and Kesari's lines)

Chart 3.1a3: Bhim and Kimanthi (Kimathi) descendants (Bhim's lines)

Chart 3.1a3a: Duke, Dolly and Ika (Bhim's line and Tony's line)

Chart 3.1a3b: Bhim and Indira (Bhim's line)

Chart 3.1a4: Bhim and Twin (Bhim's lines)

Chart 3.1b: Chequila and Bonnie (Radja and Sheba II's line)

Chart 3.1b1: Rewa's Lines, Racine Zoo (chart incomplete)

Chart 3.1b2: Tequilla II, Shubu, Jill and Andy, Racine Zoo (chart incomplete)

Chart 3.1b3: Louie and Jean, Racine Zoo (chart incomplete)

Chart 3.1c: Soma, Ranjit and Obie

Chart 3.1c1: Soma, Ranjit and Bhim

Chart 3.1d: Ramana, Kesari, Bharat and Priya

Chart 4: Mexico and Argentina


Chart A: Amur and Bengal Lines Merge

Chart C: Colchester Zoo

Chart D: Dreamworld, Australia

Chart S: Siegfried and Roy White Tigers

Chart Z: Zion Park, New Zealand