Sarah Hartwell, 2015

One of my favourite items from my latch-hook history collection is this "Patons and Baldwin No 506 Rug and Mat Designs for Beehive and Turkey Rug Wools" catalogue. I can only put a sample of the 190+ patterns on this page, but all of them are available on Flickr (link at bottom of page). The catalogue would either be held at the haberdashery dept/village store for customers to select a pattern and get it ordered for them, along with the requisite quantity of wool (they might buy the latter in instalments). The store-owner probably knew his customer's tastes in those days, so s/he might order a selection of pattern sheets from the Patons travelling rep to keep in stock.

The book is too fragile to be scanned so I've had to photograph the pages. The designs range from traditional "Persian" style to floral and included a couple of patterns for the nursery or children's rooms. in addition to latch-hook patterns there are a couple of cable wool patterns in the book.

See Flickr where images and patterns can be downloaded at full resolution for your own use.

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