Originally this site began as a single page about my love of latch-hooking and the latch-hook rugs Iíve designed and made, as well as those Iíve re-worked, revived or customised. Like most of my projects, the site took on a life of its own as I scanned in my old rug pattern books, photographed those near-forgotten accessories that latch-hookers had (table clamps, wooden gauges and rotary cutters) and researched the history of latch-hooking suppliers that were once household names.

The Joy of Rugmaking, or How I Took Up Latch-hooking


1. A Little Latch-Hook History
1a. A Social History of Latch Hook Rugmaking
1b. History & Variations of the Latch-Hook
1c. Airlyne Home Rugmaker
1d The Argyll Ali Rug Making Device
1e The Bantam Rug Making Device (leaflet)
1f. The Blackham Speedeway
1g. Candlewick Tufting & Victorian Tufting
1h. Copydex Rugmaking Kits
1i. Knitting a Pile Rug
1j. The Readicut Rug Punch
1k. Rugcraft/Rugtex Wonder Needle (1948)
1l. Singercraft, Limit & Marvel Sewing Machine Accessories
1m. Tapimatic Rug Machine
1n. Tondilo Work
1o. Touch Tapestry
1p. Victor Rugmaking Tools and Needles



2. Yarns and Canvases
3a. Tools and Accessories: Hooks & Clamps
3b. Tools and Accessories: Cutting, Guides & Gauges
3c. Tools and Accessories: Rotary Cutters
3d. Tools and Accessories: The St George Wool Cutter (Guillotine)
3e. Tools and Accessories: Yarn Holders, Organisers & Dispensers
4a. Patterns and Charts
4b. Second-hand Rug Kits
4c. Second-hand Rugs - So-Called Scandinavian Rugs
    (but really Readicut from Yorkshire)

4d. Fluff, Tuft and Pom-Pom Rugs
4e. Tubituft (Readicut) and Tapitouf (DMC) Tuft Rugs



5 (Part 1). Rug Wool Cutting and Binding Machines
5 (Part 2). Suppliers - Misc
5 (Part 3). Pattern Sharing (Jackson's and Stoddarts)
5a. Miscellaneous Historical Yarns
5b. Aspinall Bros / Panda (Huddersfield)
5c. Bairnswear / Blue Fez
5d. Baldwin & Walker (Ladyship)
5e. Bernat
5f. Coats (including Coats Anchor "Penelope")
5g. Cronit (including Cronit Melrose)
5h. Dollfus Mieg et Compagnie (DMC)
5i. Dryad Handicrafts
5j. Forsell
5k. Grosvenor Handicrafts
5l. Hammonds of Hull
5m. Handymaid (Barkerend Mills)
5n. Jacksons of Hebden Bridge
5o. Jaeger
5p. Jester
5q. Lindhorst Edelfrau
5r. Malina (USA)
5s. Margot de Paris
5t. Merryweave & Furni-Kit
5u. Newcastle Wool Co
5v. Patons & Baldwin (Patwin)
5w. (Part 1). Readicut
5w. (Part 2). Readicut Rug Outfits, Ready-Mades & Exacta-Graph
5w. (Part 3). Readicut History and AGM Minutes (1950s)
5x. RugPlan
5y. Rug Crafters
5z. Scotch Wool & Hosiery (Greenock)
5aa. Scotia Wool Co
5ab. Shillcraft
5ac. Sirdar
5ad. Stoddarts of Halifax
5ae. Weldon's Sixpenny Series



6. Tips from Instruction Sheets
6a. Tips & Tricks (adapting charts, mixing textures)
6b. Using up Leftover Yarn
6c. Sailmaker's Rug
6d. Hanging Rugs
6e. Bolton: Home Made Rugs for Pleasure & Profit (1957)
6f. Brinley: Instructions from "Rugmaking" (1953)
6g. Drage: Rugmaking (1946)
6h. Hodkin: Rugmaking and Designing (1936)
6i. How To Make Rugs (Excerpt) (1950)
6j. Stitched Rugs (WI Home Skills) (1979)
6k. Stradal - Teppiche Ė Knupfen, Sticken, Hakeln (c. 1967)
6l. Thrifty Rug Making (1959)
6m. Rug Making Chart from Newnes Home Mechanic
6n. Rug Making Chart from Lady's Companion
6o. Rug Making - The Practical Junior Teacher (1944)
6p. Rug Making Charts - Misc Magazine Cuttings
6q. Rug Making Charts - Women's Magazine Cuttings
7. Readicut Instruction Leaflet
11. Reworking an Old or Worn-Out Rug
12a. 1969 Classic Readicut Rug Kit
12b. 1960s Patons Stencilled Rug Kit
13. Charts, Designs and Rug Paraphernalia



Aspinall "Panda" No 7
Aspinall "Panda" No 8
Aspinall "Panda" No 9
Aspinall "Panda" No 11
Atlascraft Turkey Home Rugmaking

Bairnswear "Blue Fez" Issue 4
Bairnswear "Blue Fez" 1956
Bairnswear "Blue Fez" 1959
Bairnswear "Blue Fez" 1968
Bairnswear "Blue Fez" 1960s-70s (several catalogues)

Bestway 54 - Rug Making (1930s)
Bestway 77 - Handmade Rugs (1930s)
Bestway 86 - Make a Rug (1930s)
Bestway 103 - Second Rug Book for Cable Wool (1930s)
Bestway 104 - Third Rug Book for Turkey Wool (1930s)
Bestway 332 - Rug Book 4 (1920s/30s)
Bestway 386 - Rug Book (1930s)
Bestway 484 - Rug Book (1930s)
Bestway 581 - More Beautiful Rugs(1930s)

Bon Pasteur (1920s/1930s)

Columbia Yarn Rugs (1931)

Coats Tuftrugs (1968)
Coats Tuftrugs (1970s)

Das Smyrna Hobby (1970s)

Forsell Rya Rug Catalogue (1960s)
Forsell Rya Rug Catalogue (1970s)

Furni-Kit Luxury Rugs (predecessor to Merryweave) (c. 1955)

Greenock Pattern Sheets (Scotch Wool & Hosiery)

Handymaid (Barkerend Mills) of Bradford (1951)
Handymaid (Barkerend Mills) of Bradford (1952)

Hammonds, With Instruction For Rug Making

Jacksons Rug Craft

Jaeger Hand Made Rugs (1920s)

Jester Rug Book (1950s)

Junghans Wolle (1978)

Leach's Rug Book (1920s)
Leach's Hand-Made Rugs (1930s)

L'Art du Tapis Chez Soi (circa 1920)

Merryweave (1957)

Needlework Illustrated No. 226

Newcastle Wool Company (mid 1930s)
Newcastle Wool Company Colour Foldout Catalogue


Patons Trade Catalogue #506 (1940s/1950s)
Patons Rugcraft - The Art of Rugmaking
Patons Rugcraft (1920s) Issues 1 & 2
Patons Rugcraft (1920s) Issues 4 & 5
Patons Rugcraft (1930s-40s) Issues 6, 7 & 8
Patons Rugcraft (1940s) Issue 9
Patons "Gnome Book of Rugmaking & Embroidery" (1930s)
Patons Rugcraft, 1936 Supplement
Patons "Rugmaking" (1930s)
Patons "Rugcraft" SC13
Patons "Rugcraft" SC16
Patons "Rugcraft" SC17 (1960s)
Patons "Rugcraft" SC18
Patons Pattern Booklet - Classic Oriental Rugs
Patons "Rugs & Crafts to Make at Home" Catalogue (1976)
Patons "Rugcraft" SC32
Patons "Rugcraft" SC38
Patons "Rugcraft" SC45
Patons "Rugcraft" SC75
Patons "Junior Rugmaking" SC78 & Zoo Collection 3D
Patons "Rugmaking" SC87
Patons "Rugcraft" SC101
Patons Rug Charts in Patons Knitting Magazines (1950s - 1960s)
Patons "Rugs" Unnumbered Issue (1950s)
Patons "Rugs" Issue 3 (1950s)
Patons "Rugs" Issue 4 (1950s)
Patons "Rugs" Issue 6 (1958)
Patons "Rugs" Issue 7 (1959)
Patons "Rugs" Issue 8 (1960/63)
Patons "Rugs" Issue 9 (1961/62)
Patons "Rugs" Issue 10 (1962/63)
Patons "Rugs" Issue 12
Patons "Rugs" Issue 14
Patons Supplement October 1967
Patons "Rugs" Issue 20 (1970s)
Patons "Turkey Rugs" No. 18 (1970s)
Patons Easy Crafts C.34 & C.36 (1970s)
Patons "Rugmaking" No 13(1969/70s)
Patons "Rugmaking" 1453 (1970s)
Patons "Rugmaking" 1454 (1970s)
Patons Hauptkatalog No. 5 (Germany) (1970s)
Patons Hauptkatalog No. 8 (Germany) (1970s)
Patons "Stitched Rugs & Tapestries"
Patons "Blue Peter" (1960s/70s)
Patons "British Collection" (1982)


Penelope - Rug Making by Penelope


Readicut Simple Tapestries (1930s) Matching Rugs & Tapestries
Readicut Book of Rugs (1936)
Readicut Book of Rugs & Rugmaking (1937)
Readicut Book of Rugs (1938)
Readicut Book of Rugs (1939)
Readicut Book of Rugs (1940)
Readicut Book of Rugs (1948)
Readicut Nursery Land Rugs (1950s?)
Readicut Book of Rugs (1950s?) (Cover only)
Readicut Supplement (1950s)
Readicut Book of Rugs (1951)
Readicut Book of Rugs (1952-53)
Readicut Book of Rugs (1953 Vol 1)
Readicut Book of Rugs (1953 Vol 2)
Readicut Vol 24 (1954)
Readicut Book of Rugs (1954-5 season)
Readicut Vol 26 (1956)
Readicut Vol 27 (1957)
Readicut Vol 28 (1958)
Readicut Vol 29 (1959)
Readicut News (1959/60)
Readicut Vol 30 (1960)
Readicut Vol 31 (1961)
Readicut Vol 33 (1963)
Readicut Vol 34 (1964)
Readicut Book of Rugs Vol 35 (1965)
Readicut Book of Rugs Vol 36 (1966)
Readicut Vol 39 (1969)
Readicut Vol 40 (1970)
Readicut Promotional Material (1970s)
Readicut Catalogue Leaflet (1970s)
Readicut Catalogue Leaflet (1970s/80s)
Readicut Book of Rugs Vol 42 (1972)
Readicut Vol 43 (1973)
Readicut Vol 44 (1974)
Readicut Vol 45 (1975)
Readicut Vol 46 (1976)
Readicut Vol 48 (1978)
Readicut Vol 49 (1979)
Readicut Golden Jubilee Catalogue Vol 50 (1980)
Readicut Book of Rugs Vol 51 (1981)
Readicut Vol 52 (1982)
Readicut Vol 53 (1983)
Readicut Vol 55 (1985)
Readicut Vol 56 (1986)
Readicut Vol 57 (1987)
Readicut Vol 59 (1989)
Readicut Vol 60, 86 (front covers only)
1970s Readicut Supplement
1980s Readicut Supplement
Readicut 1990s/2000s
Readicut Instructions (2006 (before closure))
Readicut Adverts from Overseas

Rugplan (1970s)

Scheepjes Smyrna & Scheepjes Rya (1970s)

Scotia Wools Ltd (1930s)
Scotia Wools Ltd (1940s)

Shillcraft Book of Readicut Rugs Vol 28 (1958)
Shillcraft Book of Readicut Rugs Vol 35 (1965)
Shillcraft Book of Readicut Rugs Vol 37 (1967)
Shillcraft Book of Readicut Rugs Vol 45 (1975)
Shillcraft Vol 101 & 117

Sirdar Rug Book (with 6 charts)
Sirdar Rug Book #3
Sirdar "Making a Tufted Rug" & "Rug Designs" Catalogue

Smyrnalaine (Belgium)

Stoddarts (Halifax) (c. 1938)
Stoddarts (Halifax) (1940 - with wartime inserts)
Stoddarts (Halifax) (1950s)
Stoddarts (Halifax) (Series 2, No. 1)
Stoddarts (Halifax) (Series 2, No. 2)

Twilleys (Stamford) (1940s/50s)

Verlag fur die Frau - Teppich

Weldon's Sixpenny Series No. 22: Rug Making (1920s)
Weldon's Sixpenny Series No 77: New Rug Book (1920s)
Weldon's Sixpenny Series No 160: Rug Book no. 3 (1920s)
Weldon's Sixpenny Series No 189: Rugs and Rugmaking (1920s)
Weldon's Sixpenny Series No 253: Rugs and New Wool Craft (1920s)
Weldon's Sixpenny Series No 322: Rugs and Rugmaking (1920s)


William Jones & Co (Bridgnorth) Ltd (1927)




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