Sarah Hartwell, 2014, 2015

Most of us accumulate part packs of leftover rug wool or, like me, canít resist a charity shop bargain. There are plenty of ways to use odds and ends.

Random rugs Ė you can either pick colours at random or, my preference, make patches of related colours.
Spots, squares, stripes and swirls. You may need a background colour, but otherwise itís up to you to create spots or blocks of colour.
Random lines and zig-zags. Again, youíll need a background colour.
Mosaics e.g. hexagons, triangles, diamonds, squares, jigsaw pieces or random interlocking shapes etc. For a mosaic floor effect, just add a pale border around each shape.
Floral. My rose rug used a background colour (an even mix of stone and pale pink that looks solid from a distance) and I divided my leftovers up by colour for the roses, leaves and buds.




You can also use up leftover canvas by joining two or more pieces together.

Joining two pieces of canvas. I've used knitting wool for the photo, but flax thread is less obtrusive.



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