Sarah Hartwell, 2014

The Newcastle Wool Company's rug making exploits began with supplying printed hessian patterns and prodders (bodgers) for rag-rug making, a traditional craft popular in the north east. They later expanded into supplying rug wool. Newcastle Wool Company Ltd was incorporated in March 1933 and dissolved in 1996. Their last recorded trading address was Portland Terrace, Newcastle. Gladys Emily Mcvitie (b 1911) and Sandra McVitie (b 1944) were Directors of The Newcastle Wool Company Ltd. Gladys being Company Director and Sandra being the Medical Secretary. According to the companies database, they were appointed to these positions in 1991, however the company was listed as an estate agent!

They produced the Wiltona brand rug wool (Wilton being a carpet company in Wiltshire, that later merged with Axminster carpets).

Newcastle Wool Co "Wiltona" brand rug wool.

See Flickr where images and patterns can be downloaded at full resolution for your own use.


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