Sarah Hartwell, 2015

Edelfrau translates as "noblewoman" hence the image of a middle ages noblewoman in silhouette. Edelfrau Lindhorst is a cancelled trademark registered to P. Lindhorst GmbH. It was registered in August 1980 and cancelled in July 2001. The mark included text and an image. The brand was related to textiles, threads, line, fabric etc and rugs, tapestries and associated handicrafts. P. Lindhorst GmbH filed a patent for Teppichgrundgewebe (rug ground webbing i.e. carpet backing) in 1959: German Patent DE1790887 U.

Lindhorst offered both Smyrna rug patterns, canvases and yarn, and Finnish (Rya) patterns, canvases and yarn as Edelfrau-Smyrna and Edelfrau-Finnen respectively. Lindhorst wool can be found on auction sites as cut-packs and skeins. The canvas depicted with Lindhorst wools is the wide tramline type (i.e. without the twisted weft threads) where the knot is made in the tramlines.


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