Sarah Hartwell, 2018

This "Main catalogue" was printed and released in Germany and is a massive 72 pages showing the rugs in room settings. It included traditional Turkish and Oriental designs, florals, modern designs, children's rugs, cushions, three-piece bathroom sets, floor tiles, wall hangings and one or two stitched rugs all in one place. German latch-hooking traditionally used the Ghiordes knot (through the tramlines), but the standard Patons canvas in the 1970s used the Smyrna method. The catalogue promoted the rugs as pure wool, but also included a sample of Patons Mogul (acrylic) yarn taped to one of the pages.

British latch-hookers were not losing out, it was simply a case of putting all the company's designs into a glossy main catalogue for a new audience, competing with companies such as Das Smyrna Hobby, rather than in the smaller pamphlets that were already familiar in Britain.



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