Sarah Hartwell, 2016

In Britain, RugPlan were based in Green Street, Kidderminster and they supplied kits and yarns. Like Readicut, their kits came in a two-tray carton. The company was incorporated in 1970 and filed trademarks for woollen yarn. Rugplan was dissolved around 2002 (the year it last filed accounts) and the trademarks were not renewed. Rugplan kits and Irish wool can be found on online auction sites and is gorgeous wool to work with.

A selection of pages from a Rugplan catalogue. I find some of their colour schemes either garish (oranges, reds) or dingy (olive green, mustard yellow). These colours, and huge bold patterns, were in fashion in the mid 1970s.

See Flickr where images and patterns can be downloaded at full resolution for your own use.

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