Un1ty Is Painless
(Tune: "Suicide is Painless")

Un1ty (Unity) means standardised computer set-ups. It's not popular with some and is nicknamed Un-wun-tee (Unwanty).

They've given me a new PC,
I cannot write to A: or C:
And now that I've got Un1ty,
I realize and I can see that ...

Un1ty is painless
It brought on sev'ral changes
But I could not escape it if I pleased

I made a call unto I.T.,
About some forms they sent to me,
And though I tried to rant and plead,
They said "Tough luck - you're Un1ty-ed!" and ...

The network here is often slow,
I don't know where news postings go,
But now there is another foe,
To add unto my list of woes, oh ....

The only emails that I see,
Are spammers trying to sell to me,
To make things worse it is decreed,
That I must now be Un1ty-ed!" and ....

A user once requested me,
To answer questions that are key,
Un1ty or Unwanty?
Oh I replied, "Oh why ask me?" cos ...

And you can do the same thing if you please.


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