THE SANITISED SOCIETY (or: "We Canít Bear the Sight of Blood")
Copyright 1993, S Hartwell

The meat comes wrapped in cellophane hygiene
Butchered by a knife the shopper hasnít seen;
The blood disposed of, the creatureís squeals unheard
By those who eat the flesh of slaughtered beast and bird
As if it were no more than a plucked fruit
Not the once living flesh it is in truth.
This sanitised society dissociates
Itself from the beasts whose carved flesh fills our bellies and our plates.

Hid from our squeamish eyes the newly dead -
Not for them the bier of their own familiar bed,
But cold limbs are laid upon a mortuary stone
More suited to a fish-shop slab than to our kindredís flesh and bone;
While strangers wad their mouths and dress
The candle-waxiness of deceased flesh
Before itís hid within a coffin funeral-chest
To hide from this sanitised society the frailty of death.


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