(This Company Procedure is Advisory Status only)

Series: MRP (Maniacs' Regular Party)
Identity: MRP-1994
: ROOl
Date: 12/94
Change Request Number: N/A (first issue)


This specification covers the consumption of alcoholic beverages during the Intoxicating Seasonal outing. Refer to ‘Materials’ below. It does not cover individual staff excursions to conveniently close taverns.


Drinking may only be performed by those not involved in driving. Drinking may be performed in conjunction with other activities e.g. smoking, pool-playing, demolishing buffet meal, chatting up inebriated employees of preferred gender etc although all suitable precautions shall be taken relevant to the particular activities being undertaken.


Preferred materials are ‘Real Ale’ (as approved by CA<RA), although lager, cider, spirits and wine (or combinations thereof) are suitable alternatives if approved by participants. The consumption of substances such as meths is not authorized.

For the ‘Boat race’ only full pints are permitted, except in the case of female team members who may consume half-pints in the course of this activity. The number of females in a team shall be restricted as this might confer unfair advantage. 



The party shall progress from one establishment to the next at approximately 35 minute intervals or the time it takes for the person whose round it is to finish their current pint.

The party shall attempt to remain upright at all times whether in a standing or a seated position. Provision for bending at the waist of parties participating in games of pool shall be made.

At the call of ‘Last Orders’ participants capable of further participation i.e. those not completely incapacitated shall adjourn to a nearby restaurant where they shall consume an unwisely hot curry.

Drink Consumption

When a drink (full) is issued to a member of the party, that member shall:

(a) raise glass to lips in appropriate manner
(b) tilt glass and imbibe drink (full)
(c) continue or repeat the actions in (a) and (b) until the glass is empty.


At the end of each drink the glass shall be empty.

If the drink is found to be substandard for some reason a new one shall be furnished and the actions in "Drink Consumption" shall be repeated.

At the end of the Intoxicating Seasonal Outing, participants shall not necessarily remain upright, whether in a standing or seated position.


This MRP (Maniacs' Regular Party) applies only to seasonal applications. For year-round ISO (Inebriated Staff Outings) guidelines, please refer to SAMRP-1994 (Several Alcoholics Make Regular Pub-Crawl).

Any amendments to this procedure are to be made only after exhaustive investigations on at least 4 outings.


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