There once was a spotter called Titan
Whose appearance was certain to frighten,
When he ogled their chassis
The response from the lasses:
"Not a chance mate, not even a slight un!"

He didn't accept the word "no"
Or "Eff off, just leave me, please go!"
He'd just say "Oh I see,
But you're perfect for me!"
And stalk her all over the show.

We know he just can't help himself,
But he'll always get left on the shelf,
For he hasn't a clue
About social cues
And his grooming's a hazard to health.

He thinks that a girl is impressed
As he stares down the front of her dress,
And alternately leers
And bores her to tears
While addressing remarks to her breasts.

This chap has but one interest in life
And it's one that won't net him a wife
He could bore for the nation
About transportation
Till his victims get glazed-over eyes.

He will lech at a woman's front cowl,
With eyes gone as wide as an owl,
But nobody's missus
Will risk even chaste kisses
They just run when this chap's on the prowl.

I took refuge upstairs in a bus
To escape his attention and fuss
The owner was charming,
And not one bit alarming
Made me an offer I couldn't refuse ...

.... He sold me his other bus!!!!


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