Copyright, Andy Houghton

Well I've been spotting trains now for nigh on thirty years
The day they took the steam away this grown man cried real tears
They they brought in diesel but things just weren't the same
Cos they don't stoke my boiler like those good old choo choo trains

I don't want to use the highways and waste the leather on my shoes
If they privatise the railways I'll get those intercity blues

From Preston up to Carnforth, Black Rod to Moses Gate
Rugby, Wigan, Warrington, I can't resist the bait
Milton Keynes to Poulton, Canterbury to Crewe
Puzzle books and old pork pies and British Rail brews


I wouldn't mind the screaming if this kid could wail a tune
Give this man a baseball bat to end this baby boom
You'd think these journey's would drive me crazy but I don't get depressed
Cos it sure beats the hell out of the National Express



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