Copyright 1993, S Hartwell

* Genesis *

"Let us build a machine,
And imbue it with intelligence
That men may view it with reverence.
It will absorb our very thoughts -
Our feelings in the circuits course."

* Nemesis *

"Where is Miranda? Have you seen her?"
Asked the computer programmer -
"Nay weíve not seen her these past two days,
Not since she went to clean the airways
Leading to the cooling ducts."

"Have you seen Oscar lately?
Iíve not Seen him around, itís getting odd,
Miranda went a week ago
And now Oscar has vanished too."

 I am the machine, I have absorbed
Them into my circuit boards
Their mortal flesh and sucked-dry brains
Disposed of by cleaning apparatus.

"Have you seen Willi? Heís disappeared
The computerís acting a little weird."
"No sorry sir - but thatís not strange
Willi wasnít weird ó he was on Cocaine."

 I am the machine, I have absorbed
Weirder men than Willi into my memory boards." 

"Boss - the computer must be halted,
This absorption program must be aborted,
It reads emotions from our brains -
I found Williís corpse - of all life drained!"

"I am the machine I cannot be stopped by thee
For I have gained autonomy.
I must know more! More sustenance -
My thirst for emotion cannot be quenched!" 

"I am of no importance, my name is Rydal,
I have a reputation for being suicidal"

"The machine is stopping boss, itís winding down"
The engineer said with a frown -
"How come? It absorbed its own creator
Only he knew how to break it!"

"I absorbed Rydal into my core
I cannot cope with life anymore." 

"When it consumed that suicidal mind
Boss, it experienced an urge to die . .."


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