Recent surveys indicate substandard IT support in many companies. Many workers now cite IT hassles as a major cause of stress at work.

1) Spending 5 minutes saving your work every 10 minutes in response to "Not enough memory" errors or to avoid losing 5 minutes' work is:
a) a good idea to avoid the risk of losing 5 minutes' work
b) a bad idea as it doubles the length of any task you do
c) worth it if your hard drive burns out and you get a new machine

2) When you are using MS-Excel or MS-Word and your Paintshop Pro and Explorer sessions close themselves do you:
a) throw the machine out of the window
b) ring helpdesk, only to be asked if you have rebooted the machine
c) shrug your shoulders and carry on; after all if you had an important job in an important Dept you'd be given a decent machine?

3) Your neighbour's machine has been whirring away for 10 minutes now. Is it:
a) calculating the position of every atom in the universe in the microsecond after the Big Bang
b) calculating the 1038th digit of pi
c) opening a Word document
d) downloading today's jokes lists, Dilbert newsletter and newsgroups posts?

4) 600 to support an 8-year old Pentium 166 for a single year is:
a) a bargain, considering the service we get
b) outrageous, considering the service we get
c) more than the cost of an upgrade recently rejected as being too costly?

5) Doing the most urgent job in the Dept on the oldest PC on site has taken:
a) 20 years off my life
b) 40 years off my life
c) wibble wibble engfay banana?


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