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In 2017, Josee Rodrigue of Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, imported Alaska's Ninja of RagaMania, an odd eyed male from Chloe Alaska (who had Nikita'l Gioia bred by Iryna Merzlenko), to introduce the Altai blue eyed gene into theRagaMuffin. Josee breeds the authentic RagaMuffin, and her cats have more than 5 generations of RagaMuffin x Ragamuffin breeding. Ninja is all Black with a white spot on his chin and couple of white hairs on his neck. One the first offspring was black with a white locket on his chin and his eyes are different shades of gold that both reflect red. This shows that he has the dominant blue-eye gene, but it has not shown up in the eye colour.

This division of Josee's RagaMuffins are called Blueberry Muffins. The offsprings are registered as experimental with the CCC in Canada as experimental. Three litters were born in 2019, some having blue eyes.

blue eye ragamuffin cat breed

The Dominant blue eye gene even affect the blue eyes in the colour pointed cats. Here is a female born in 2021, Seal tortie point with locket and odd eyes. You can easily see the difference in the blues! One is greyish-greenish-blue (linked to the colourpoint gene) and the other is very blue (linked to the dominant blue-eye gene). Josee has notices that the more the parents have green or aqua eyes, the more the kittens have a deeper blue, like the 3 kittens kept from an F2 litter. The first one is a Seal silver shaded mink with locket and 2 blue eyes, 2nd is black tortie and white and the 3rd is a sepia boy; all 3 have a parent with green eyes ( first 2 kittens) or aqua eyes (sepia boy).

blue eye ragamuffin cat breed


Unrelated to these, but worth mentioning as an aside, there are also blue-eyed sepia and blue-eyed mink Ragdolls variants where the blue eye colour appears to have come from blue-eyed Burmese ancestors rather than from a recent dominant blue eye mutation.

blue eye cat breed