Copyright 1995, SMIFFY

In the bleak midwinter,
Frosty wind made moan,
Earth stood hard as iron,
Water like a stone,
Snow was falling snow on snow,
Snow on snow on snow,
In the bleak midwinter
Not so long ago.

Little cat came calling,
Small, lost and alone,
Once a Christmas present,
Now tossed out of home;
Snow was falling, fun for some,
But cold and deadly snow
To a hungry feline
With nowhere to go.

Toys, giftwrap and tinsel
A bare few weeks ago,
Then like an outgrown plaything
Put out in the snow -
Don't give cats as presents
The novelty won't last,
Too many are abandoned
When Christmastime has passed.

In the bleak midwinter
Turned away from home,
By owners less than caring
With hearts as hard as stone.
Uncomprehending, puzzled,
She knows nowhere to go,
Hungry and not wanted,
Christmas kitten in the snow.

Author Anon

I once was a cuddly kitten,
But now I am a stray,
'Cos when I was no longer fluffy,
They sent me on my way.

They've kept the big Alsatian,
As he can bark and growl,
But I could fly at strangers,
If I caught them on the prowl.

I slink around their dustbin;
I mew outside their door;
But it's clear from their behaviour,
They don't want me anymore.

Now I'm cold and hungry,
And getting very thin,
What have I done to hurt them,
Why won't they let me in?

I crouch in sheds and boxes,
In my bedraggle fur,
So shivery and dejected,
I cannot even purr.

They have another kitten,
Their children's whole delight;
But probably next Christmas,
it will share my wretched plight.

(W Girt)

Christmas is coming, lists are all made
For presents and goodies and toys,
No-one's forgotten, not even the pets,
They all share in the seasonal joys.
But what of the cats on nobody's list,
The strays no-one bothers about?
Always outside, peering wistfully in,
Not ever inside looking out.

That sad little bundle of scrag-end and fur,
Beating the birds to the bread,
He'd give a lot to be in by the fire,
Imagine him warm and well-fed,
Safe in the love of a family,
No longer a stray, but a pet,
His purr could be your Christmas carol,
And make it your happiest yet.


A plate of fish, a cosy lap,
Perhaps a lick of cream,
To sit and purr before the fire,
Well, even cats can dream!
I've never had a proper home,
No door has opened wide,
O friendly voice called out to me,
"Come on puss, come inside."

But now maybe I've found a friend;
Though I'm not really sure,
I dare not eat the food she brings,
Until she's closed the door.
But there's a nice big wooden box,
Put just inside the shed,
With cosy blanket tucked well in,
To make a lovely bed.

Tomorrow I shall take a chance,
(She seems so nice and kind)
To get myself inside that door
And leave the dark behind.
That friendly fire I'll sit beside,
My lonely days all past,
A real belonging cat I'll be,
And have a home at least.
But there are other lonely one,
Who ask themselves "Why me?"
If only they would have my luck
Real Christmas it would be.


It's the week before Christmas, I can hear carol-singing,
But the phone, the darned phone, it just never stops ringing:
"I want a small kitten before the weekend,
A surprise Christmas present for my best friend,
It must be fluffy and must have big blue eyes ...
No you can't do a pre-adoption check, this is a surprise,
And besides, she works full-time and goes out nights and weekends.
If she doesn't want it? She can give it to one of her friends,
Other cats? Her last two were run over, two before that got lost.
Get it neutered? Don't you know how much that would cost!
Does it really matter? Isn't giving what Christmas is about?
Here! Don't you speak to me like that, and don't you dare shout!
All through this phone call you've huffed and you've puffed.
Well you and the cat shelter might as well go get stuffed!"