What you get if you cross the following breeds .

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Alaskan Snow Cat x Chinchilla

Alaskan Chill, a cat which is always cold

Bombay x Abyssinian

Bombay Abyss, the nearest that cat breeders can get to the Black Hole of Calcutta

Brazilian Shorthair x Javanese

Brazilian Java; rich roast for a fuller flavour

Burmese x German Rex

Burger, preferred feline pet of junk-food addicts

Burmese x Persian

Burper, a cat prone to indigestion

Copper x American Wirehair

Copper Wire, a cat which is an excellent conductor; often sold in twisted pairs.

Cornish Rex x Cream Longhair

Cornish Cream, a clotted cat which goes well with scones and jam

Czech Curly Cat x Sumxu

Czechsum, a favourite pet of software engineers and makers of programmable logic devices

Devon Rex x Cream Longhair

Devon Cream, another clotted cat which goes well with scones and jam

Longhair x Thai Lilac

Hair Thai, a cat with a ponytail

Maine Coon x American Wirehair

Mains Wire, the electrically powered feline

Manx x Sphinx

Minx, a mischievous little cat with no tail to tell

Persian x Selkirk Rex

Persel, a cat which washes whiter than white

Russian Blue x Ragdoll

Russian Doll, comes in many sizes and stacks neatly away

Russian Blue x Persian

Bluper, a cat which makes mistakes whenever it meows.

Scottish Fold x Australian Mist

Scotch Mist; I haven't the foggiest idea about this one.

Tonkinese x Toy Persian

Tonka Toy: It digs! It dumps!

Tuxedo Cat x Thai Lilac

Tuxedo-and-Thai, always immaculately dressed.

Vichien Mas x Chaus

Vichiaus, you wouldn't want to mix with this temperamental feline