Prayers and verses dedicated to special needs kitties. Under construction.

By Vicki Verinis

This was written after one of my kitties died in 1997.  His name was Bigger.  When he was a teenage kitten, I took him from someone who had broken both of his back legs and starved him. In spite of this beginning, he still had a heart full of love and trust for humans!

I stole you away from danger,
and from that moment on you charmed everyone you met.

You were the most even tempered cat,
my "Ghandi-cat",
lover and peacemaker.

Always the first one to welcome the newcomers,
always the first one at the door, even with strangers.
All the kitties loved their "Uncle Big"
and came to you with lowered head
to get their kisses from you.

The only time I saw you bite
was when Rufus got your sleeping spot
at my right hip,
Even that was just bite enough to make a point,
not to hurt.

I always felt that I was blessed
to share your life,
you had so much love in your heart,
it could have been anyone.
You know, there was a waiting list for you
if I died first.
All my friends had volunteered,
"I'll take Bigger!"

No wonder -

The way you gazed up at all of us
as if you could see our souls,
but because you were such an angel,
you only saw and reflected back
the best of us.

People said to me,
"He's almost human!"

And I would think,

"No . . . . better,

  so much better. . . "

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