Moggycat's Guide to Social Networking For Cats

Kitties can create profiles with photos, lists of purrsonal interests, contact information, and other purrsonal information allowing them to communicate with their friends, family and other users, both publicly and privately. They can leave messages on a "wall" and also create and join interest groups and "like pages" and arrange social events. However, forgetting to use privacy settings correctly can result in a private meeting turning into a mass caterwaul.

Mogspot, Mogger
Kitties can keep online diaries, posting entries about what they are up to and links to interesting things they've discovered. They can comment on other users' diaries and other users can comment on theirs. Appeals across a wide range of breeds, from the active kitties Mogging about their day, to stay-at-home kitties catching up on gossip about their neighbourhood. Journalistic kitties use it to publish exposes, such as that comely Korat down the road getting in trouble because of her not-so-secret trysts with a hunky Havana Brown!

It can be a diary like Mogspot/Mogger, but kitties can also say what music they're currently listening to or what mood they are in and have online conversations across diaries. Appeals especially to younger members of less active breeds who prefer to catch up online rather than in the flesh: Persians, Exotics and placid British Shorthairs.

This kitty network is mostly built around entertainment and musical interests rather than diary-style entries. There tends to be a lot of advertising too, so if your page lists "climbing scratching posts" as an interest, your visitors are likely to see advertising for scratching posts and cat trees.

Creative kitties can post home videos - videos of cute kittens, confused humans and the antics of the daft dog next door are always firm favourites! On the downside, some kitties post mousie-snuff and prey-torture movies on MewTube.

A place where creative kitties can share photos and short video clips and comment on the photos and clips posted by their friends. A great way for kitties to see the world through the eyes of far-flung friends and for bird-watchers and insect-spotters to post their photos. If you're posting lurid photos of your visit to the stud cat or an on-heat female shamelessly flaunting herself for the local tomcats, make sure you set the age, content and unneutered filters so that younger or neutered Flickitty-ites can't view them!

For kitties with short attention spans and a desire to broadcast their every thought and action, this micro-mogging site appeals especially to the hyper breeds such as Siamese, Oriental, Burmese and Bengal. Content ranges from the banal "I've just seen a mouse" or "I've eaten some tuna" to the informative "Human at 12 London Rd got travel baskets out, hide!" or "Cat-killing dog seen in neighbourhood" or "anyone in NW9 know where a stray will be welcome?".

There are a plethora of special interest Furrums where kitties can visit and join in conversations. Some are the internet equivalent of leaving your scent-mark on a fence-post while others are places to discuss the trials and tribulations of life. There are Furrums dedicated to a wide range of interests such as food, kitten-raising, hiking, dog-teasing and the best places to sleep. Mewling Lists are like Furrums, but are email-based. YaMew-Groups and Mewsgroups are also similar to Furrums, but have both a web front-end and an email front-end.