When it wants attention, does your cat misbehave or do destructive things?

How often does your cat come running if it hears or smells food being prepared (cat food or people food)?

Is your cat a fussy eater which only likes gourmet food or is it a dustbin-guts which eats anything on offer (and anything else it can find)?

Does your cat drag its food from its bowl and play with it or is it a tidy eater?

When your cat sees birds or other prey through the window, how often does it get frustrated at not being able to reach them through the glass?

Outdoor cats: Is your cat a patient and proficient hunter? Indoor cats: How well does your cat 'hunt' its cat-tease toys?

How much does your cat use its tail to communicate its feelings?

Is your cat talkative with a wide vocabulary or is it the silent type?

Is your cat agile or does it fall off the shelves or into the bath/pond when playing or exploring?

Purrsonality Types

Frantic Feline
Life is never dull when you have a Frantic Feline. They are intelligent, talkative, hyperactive and easily distracted. They need plenty of stimulation from their owners or other hyperactive cats - but your house might not survive their antics! Typical Frantic Felines are Siamese/Orientals and Devon Rexes.

Clever Cat
Clever Cats are lively in body and mind. They need plenty to occupy their minds and they like to think through a problem before taking action. They are often good hunters and retrievers and enjoy playing with their owners. Typical Clever Cats are American Bobtails, Bengals and Burmese/Asians.

Magnificent Mog
Active but not highly strung, Magnificent Mogs are well-balanced and easy-going. They display a mixture of purrsonality traits from other categories and make good family cats. Typical Magnificent Mogs are British/America Shorthairs, rugged Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats and most random-bred kitties.

Cordial Kitty
Cordial Kitties are cats with New Age philosophies. They are gentle, harmonious souls who waft elegantly around the house. They are easily offended. They would much rather sniff the flowers than wreck floral arrangements. Probably a Buddhist monk in a previous life. Typical Cordial Kitties are Birmans, Balinese and Angoras

Placid Pussycat
True couch potatoes of the cat family, Placid Pussies enjoy snoozing in sunbeams and snuggling up to heaters. They prefer gentle petting to active play and are happy to watch life go by. Elderly cats often fall into this category after retiring from another purrsonality type. Other Placid Pussycats are Persians/Himalayans and their relatives, Exotic Shorthairs.

This is a fun test, it is not intended as a reliable indicator of breed personalities. Not all cats of a specific breed will fall into the suggested category!