Found in a newspaper:-

from our English Correspondent

A woman from Berkshire, England has made medical and veterinary history by being the first human being to get cat flu.

Maureen Pitcairn went to her doctor complaining of respiratory problems. When her illness didn't respond to medication she underwent some hospital tests. She was stunned when, instead of telling her to stay in bed for a few days, Dr Andreo Huntley referred her to a veterinarian because she had cat flu!

"He told me I must have caught the cat flu from one of my five cats. But I knew that was impossible because my cats have had regular flu shots since they were kittens."

Dr Huntley referred Ms Pitcairn to her regular vet, David Caspian, DVM. Dr Caspian was astounded to have his client visit the clinic on her own behalf.

"At first I thought this was some kind of a joke. She has five cats of her own and brings them for their flu shots each year. It is possible that she caught the cat flu from a friend's unvaccinated cat which was harboring the virus. I guess she'll be coming in for her own booster next time she brings the cats for their shots."

Ms Pitcairn is now recovering at home. As a precaution she is getting distemper shots as well.


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