The Mark I Charismatic Autonomous Terminator (CAT)
British Purrospace Product Description Document

The Mark I Charismatic Autonomous Terminator (CAT) system is part of a family of intelligent, stealthy, terminal-homing mouse-seeking missiles featuring multi-sensor targeting with twin uncooled day/night-vision devices, multi-frequency mobile sound-sensitive antennas, vibration detectors, full-range olfactory capability and a fully integrated neural-net architecture allowing intelligent strategy selection during multi-mode operation. Unlike the Lethal Independently Operational Neutraliser (LION), the CAT is compact, controllable, user-friendly and comes in a variety of external finishes and colours to ensure full camouflage during in-the-field operation.

The CAT is built around a self-righting inertial platform mounted on four legs, each with full suspension, terminated in clawed and padded feet for excellent traction on all types of terrain. Its novel bio-gyroscope allows launch from any attitude and forms part of the self-righting mechanism in the unlikely event that the unit should tip or fall. A 12 inch tapered cylindrical rudder mounted above the exhaust port provides additional stability and counterbalances the unit during high-speed manoeuvring. Full speed can be attained immediately upon launch.

The highly flexible multi-jointed frame, bio-gyroscopes and rudder permit incredible manoeuvring when in pursuit mode. The legs provide adjustable height allowing the Mark I CAT to pass beneath obstructions during ground-hugging manoeuvres.

In addition to multiple sensors and a powerful Actual Intelligence processor, the Mark I CAT features an impressive array of advanced weaponry, making it possibly the most versatile item in our wide range of Predator Class Products. Integrated multi-aspect attack profile with indefinite-loiter mode, full stealth technology and lock-on-target-tracking ensure a wide lethality envelope. Upon target engagement, the CAT deploys four clusters of retractable submunitions in addition to the primary warhead, providing an enhanced radius of destruction. Weapons deployment can be delayed indefinitely while in ambush mode.

The Mark I CAT uses regular or exotic solid or liquid fuel and is equipped with a low-signature exhaust-obscuration system. Premium grade fuel is recommended for optimum operation with minimal wastage, but the unit gives adequate performance on economy grade fuels (with increased emissions) making it suitable for use in sub-optimum conditions. A low-frequency localised vibration signal indicates that the unit is fully operational. Movement of the terminal rudder while the unit is at rest indicates readiness for deployment.

Firmware and connectors compatible with any unit of the Mark I series guarantee unlimited expansion capability, making the CAT system a cost-effective countermeasure to the projected spectrum of rodent-threat scenarios well into the next century. Advanced systems are capable of vertical take-off and limited flight, making them effective against low-flying avian threats. Although the overall unit is not water-resistant, the paired front legs with their retractable grapples (5 per leg, terminal mount only) are fully waterproof and may occasionally be deployed from the shoreline against piscines.

The Enhanced Mark II CAT features a limited range of Anti-Canine features at no additional cost! This comprises high-speed emission of air, with or without addition of an aqueous repellent, from the forward-facing fuel intake port. In this mode the antennas are fully folded into the stow position and the twin visual inputs will be partially stowed to reduce damageable surface area. The retractable grapples on the forward pair of legs may be additionally deployed while the overall surface texture may change from smooth to bristled to indicate full engagement of this mode.

The CAT can be seen behind the main pavilion at the Farnborough Air Show and is available from British Purrospace, please contact Pete in the spares warehouse for immediate free delivery of extensively tested, battle-ready Mark I CATs (various colours/sizes) with excellent track records against both rodent and avian targets. Hurry - future supplies will be strictly limited following the arrival of a crack squad of trap-neuter-return operatives!

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