TOBY suspects POWDER of having an affair with STUMPY the Manx next door. POWDER's sister, IVORY, produces tailless kittens. STUMPY's mate SASHA suspects that this is not coincidence. Will single parent IVORY file for kitten support?


TUPPENCE is offered big money to model for a cat food company that invests in Crufts. Fur traders are in town and wandering romeo MINSTREL is missing. Has he been kidnapped or has he discovered that GINGER isn't really his father? SMUDGE reveals that he was hand-reared!

HONEY comes into heat at the advanced age of 15 and develops a serious crush on SOOTY. MINNIE has a crush on the Siamese next door, but could he be her long-lost father? Seriously ill TIGER refuses an FIV test; AMBER is sick with worry - she's expecting their kittens. Meanwhile, FLUFF campaigns for his right to be put to sleep.


MINOU arrives at Quarantine Block H after stowing away on a lorry from France. Meanwhile, SNOWY's time is almost up, but has he cracked after 6 months in solitary?

Someone in authority has slipped up and sent the wrong cat for neutering - will PHU-AN-LI's owner still want him now that he can't join her breeding programme and what is to happen to SOOTY and SUKI's surprise litter of kittens?

21.00 SIXTY MINUTES - "Down and Out in Chelmsford"

'PARSLEY' is a 3 year old milkaholic. His addiction has cost him his job and home. He dosses in a cardboard box under a railway bridge and was recently charged with assaulting a milkman.

'SMUDGE' does catnip and begs in subways. A friend introduced him to 'the weed' when he was only 12 weeks old. He was turned out of home last year for biting the baby while stoned on 'nip.

'BARNEY' is a tom at the end of the line. He has FIV and leukaemia. Despite this, he still has one night stands and is the father of illegitimate kittens locally. He blames his family for failing to have him neutered.

'QUEENIE' was BARNEY's last girlfriend and caught leukaemia from him. She has just had her third miscarriage. She was taken in by a local refuge, but her future is uncertain as the refuge runs out of funds.

22.00 - 06:00 VIDEO CATNIP ZONE

The all-night show for stay-at-home cats. Eight hours of stimulating sights and sounds of wildlife, moving ping-pong balls, caterwauling highlights and other images to entertain you during your nocturnal hours. Plus regular local news, travel, weather and product reports to help you plan the day ahead. It's safer indoors at night, so let the Video Catnip Zone entertain you.

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