Cats Protection (League): Britains oldest and largest cat charity. Their aims are to rehome or rehabilitate stray, abandoned or unwanted cats, promote the neutering of cats not required for breeding and inform the public on caring for cats. They produce many useful leaflets for cat owners. Bi-monthly magazine. Site has details of local Branches.

Feline Advisory Bureau: British charity devoted to veterinary and behavioral aspects; also produce guidelines for building and running a cattery and a list of FAB-approved catteries in the UK. Many useful information sheets. Quarterly magazine.

Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors: British organization for behavioral and "cat-shrink" matters.

The Original Cat Action Trust was formed to address humanely the problem of the increasing feral cat population in Britain, by trap-neuter-return of adults and trap-tame-rehome of kittens rather than by killing.

Cat Action Trust (1977) is another organization set up specifically to help the feral cats. It too undertakes trap-neuter-release of adults and trap-tame-rehome of kittens.

Alley Cat Allies: American non-profit organisation concerned with the feral cat population control through trap-neuter-release. Links to feral cat groups throughout US.

Feral Cat Coalition: American non-profit organisation concerned with humane feral cat population control. Many useful articles on feral cats and their care in the US and other countries.

Avon Cat rescue is an independent cat rescue shelter near Shipston-on-Stour (close to Stratford-upon-Avon). Although not a registered charity, it provides a lifeline for cats in the area.

Colchester Cat Rescue (CCR) is an Essex-based animal charity dedicated to the rescue, care, and rehoming of stray and unwanted cats and kittens.

Jardins Félins: the only extensive French-language web site about cats and the solutions to cat-related problems (en Français et en Anglais).

Cat Chat is a web-based registered charity sourcing new, loving homes for rescued cats and kittens, from rescue shelters and rehoming groups across the UK and Ireland through our Virtual Cat Shelters.


If possible I've provided the URL. Where there is no on-line version, I've provided the subscription dept address. I haven't shown subscription rates as these can change. Always include a stamped self-addressed envelope when asking for subscription or other information! Magazines are English language unless otherwise stated.


UK Monthly. Britains oldest cat magazine - for the breeder, exhibitor and general cat lover alike. Articles, vet/behaviour sections, classified ads, breed profiles, show dates and more.


UK Weekly, no longer published. Formerly the journal of UK's GCCF (registry), describes itself as the specialist magazine for owners, breeders and exhibitors. Primarily of interest to breeders/exhibitors rather than ordinary cat owner. Includes show results, judges' reports, show dates, registry news, club news and occasional in depth breed profiles or genetics articles.


UK Monthly. British cat magazine covering health, welfare, ask the experts, fiction and cats in the news.


Australian cat magazine covering Australia and New Zealand. Show news, health/behaviour, breed profiles and general cat information.


Français. 6 numéros/an. Comportement, races, elevage, santé, petites annonces. Mag Bis - Chat Magazine, B.P.4, 800200 Marchelepot, France


Français. 12 numéros/an. Pour les amoureux du chat. Comportement, elevage, races, santé, petites annonces. Edimag - Atout Chat, B.P.4, 800200 Marchelepot, France


Nederland. 6 x per jaar. Het lijfblad van de kattenliefhebber. Majesteit, afd abonnementen, antwoordnummer 60615, 5000 WB Tilburg, Nederland.


Nederland/Belgie. 6 x per jaar. Het blad voor alle kattenliefhebbers. De Kattenmanieren, Antwoordnummer 1522, 5750 VC Deurne, Nederland.


Russian-Ukrainian Magazine for owners and breeders/exhibitors. Pedigree and household cat information. Details and subscription information online (information pages in Russian & English).


Breeders Assistant Pedigree Software: record-keeping/pedigree database software; colour/pattern predictor software and advanced genetics options. Site has information on color inheritance and coverage of many congenital defects.
X'Aim Online Pedigree Software
X'Aim calculates the degree of inbreeding in your breeding stock.

A Site with information on hybrids, mutants and medical curosities in animals which has generously shared information and/or photographs with me.

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