When I go to museums, I often take photos of extinct animals (some of which are alleged to exist in isolated places). I've also found old pictures and colour plates in turn-of-the-century encyclopaedias and Victorian/Edwardian natural history books. Rather than keeping the pictures to myself, I've created these pages for other people to enjoy and included information about each creature. This isn't a specific project, but more photos and more categories may be added if I see something interesting in a museum.

This page has been split into an index and sub-pages to aid loading time. Each animal page opens in a new window.


(Tasmanian Wolf/Tasmanian Tiger)

(Falklands Island Wolf)

Great Auk

Dodos & Solitaires

Moas & Elephant Birds

Passenger Pigeon

Sepia (Brown) Giant Panda

Steller's Sea Cow
(Northern Sea Cow)

Jamaican Red Parrot



The animals on this pare are just a few of the recently extinct species whose demise could have been avoided. You can read about other recently extinct animals in some of the books below. The thylacine in particular is discussed on cryptozoology forums in relation to claimed sightings.

It is not only wild animals that have suffered extinction; a number of domestic livestock breeds have become extinct due to modern farming methods favouring animals suited to modern intensive farming methods and modern palates. Recommended reading on extinct and endangered livestock:

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