Modus Vivendi Felines Inc have developed several exciting new breeds with never-before-seen genetic mutations. These breeds will be available to discerning customers.

Modus Vivendi Felines Inc specialise in creating new feline colourways using a combination of natural mutations and genetic techniques. We realise that developing a new breed using conventional methods is a slow process involving breeding together related cats. To avoid the hazards associated with inbreeding and to rapidly expand breeding stock, the gene mutation is identified and spliced into fertilised ova of unrelated cats. At present we only work with colour mutations from domestic cats, but in the future our highly skilled and enthusiastic team hope to isolate colour mutations from other species - from zebra stripes to dalmation dots - so watch this space!

Based close to the English town of Basingstoke, Modus Vivendi was founded by a collaboration of cat breeders and genetic technicians with the aim of breeding exclusive felines in previously unavailable colourways. The foundation stock has been drawn from mutations reported around the world and overlooked by conventional breeders.

The genes have been fully mapped by our technicians to ensure they are properly understood and have no harmful side-effects and the cats have been carefully bred with a variety of purebred and non-purebred cats to ensure the healthiest possible gene pool. To shortcut the limitations imposed by nature and expand the breeding stock without harmful inbreeding, the colour genes were also spliced into the sperm and ova of selected cats.

The pricing, availability and early-neuter policy reflects the use of cutting edge techniques used in breeding these exclusive felines and ensuring the highest possible standards of welfare.

Premium quality cats of each breed will cost in the region of £2500
Standard quality cats of each breed will cost in the region of £1500
Variants (those cats that do not fully conform to their respective standards) will cost in the region of £800

This price includes access to our 24 hour telephone helpline.

Prospective owners will be screened to ensure they are committed to the lifelong care and welfare of the cats they buy from us. All cats will be neutered before placement with carefully vetted owners. If, for any reason, a purchaser cannot keep their Modus Vivendi cat, it must be returned to Modus Vivendi Felines Inc for rehoming and not passed on to any third party.

We're not yet ready to hand over the breeding of our precious cats, but prospective future breeders are invited to contact us regarding breed standards, prices of breeding quality cats and terms and conditions. Ultimately the breed standards and the Intellectual Property Rights over the mutant genes belong to Modus Vivendi. All breeder contracts will require an undertaking that the cats are not bred for extremes of conformation and that unneutered cats will not be traded without our prior permission or without the same terms and conditions.

Our quest for novel colours has not been allowed to compromise the health of our cats - in fact a number of possible colours were not developed because the genes adversely affected the cats' health (these cats were neutered and now live happily with Modus Vivendi staff). Our breeding catteries provide a comfortable household-style environment for our cats. From the moment of conception, their health is of paramount importance and our pricing structure reflects this. It also ensures that only those able to maintain this standard of care will purchase one of our exclusive felines.

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